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12/11/2021by admin

Thanks for the reply! I went ahead and did some research, and it looks like your device (iPod Touch 5th Generation) isn’t compatible with the Spotify app, as this needs iOS 10 or later, and the latest version for iPod Touch.

  1. Spotify App Download

Spotify App Download

First i am happy to use spotify plugins with my Logitech SBT with my premium account and Hi-fi Deezer
please i need know interface in squeezebox touch not the same with tablette or smartphone i can't see album and details ...
how i can change spotify in web interface media server like a tablette screen for see detail album and singer...
me second question how can i play music with my smartphone android or my tablette to SBT directly with option transfer sound to ' Connect to a device '
i not see my logitech in the list
Thank you very much
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