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Though Apple Music has beaten Spotify in winning more subscribers in the US, there are some loyal Spotify users, who do not want to switch to Apple Music. It was a long-standing demand of Spotify users to integrate Siri with this music streaming app. Apple has listened to your prayers as the tech giant has rolled out Shortcuts app in iOS 12 and users can control Spotify with Siri shortcuts.

You can use the free version of Spotify on your computer, but if you want to pass your Spotify playlists to your iPhone, you must have the iPhone Spotify app. I have an iPhone 7, and just installed Spotify. However, I can't find the 'radio' and 'browse' buttons anywhere on the app, even though they're mentioned in Spotify's instructions here. My bottom bar only shows the home, search, 'your playlist' and premium buttons. Do I need to go premium to be able to see these, or am I missing something? Spotify is one of the most high-profile apps on the App Store, and it finally made the jump with version 8.5.80 of its iOS app. Unfortunately, the new widget isn't all that powerful or useful. I can't play Radio from Menu, from an artist page or from a song. Plan Premium Country IT Device iPhone XR Operating System iOS 13 My Question or Issue Tapping on it to play radio I can see only three big alternate dots with no end. I've just disconnected account, reinstalling App. Play your radio stations offline. Whether they’re based on a song, an artist, or a particular “mood,”.

For Spotify users, a list of Siri shortcuts to select an album, artist, or song, will be a great help. However, as anybody can expect, Siri’s control over Spotify won’t be as smooth as that of Apple Music.

How to Add Spotify Siri Shortcut to Play Music from Spotify on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. First off, download Spotify Siri shortcut on your iOS device.

Step #2. Next, tap on Get Shortcut to save it in the Shortcuts app on iPhone/iPad.

Step #3. Now launch Shortcuts app on your iOS device and tap on three dots on Spotify Siri shortcut. This will open the Settings of that specific Siri shortcut, and you can edit that shortcut as per your choice.

Step #4. Tap on Settings icon from the top right corner.

Step #5. Then, tap “Add to Siri” and record a phrase to activate the shortcut.

For example, you can record “Play Spotify.”

Step #6. Tap on “Done” to save this phrase.

You need to tap Done button twice to complete the process.

It is time to invoke Siri; use Hey Siri and speak “Play Spotify” command.

There you go! Siri runs your command and you will be prompted to ask the name of artists, titles, or albums you want to play on Spotify using Siri shortcut. Note that your music will be opened in Spotify app on your device.

You may also check out other shortcuts for this music app.

Best Spotify Siri Shortcuts for iPhone

Play Spotify Album

Spotify Radio On Iphone Apps

You can speak a name of an album and the Spotify will play songs from that particular album on your device. When you speak this command, Spotify automatically begins to play the selected album on your iPhone or iPad. In case there is more than one album with the same name, you can speak the year in which the album is released.

Play Spotify Track

Want to play a track of an artist or from an album? You can say ‘Play Spotify (name of the track),’ and the app will play that song for you. Just pronounce the name of artists or albums precisely and enjoy the song. Like the album, Spotify will automatically play the track you have spoken.

Spotify On Iphone

Search Spotify Playlist

If you have created some playlists on Spotify, you can search one of those playlists on your iPhone or iPad. Since this is a search query, the music app will not play songs directly. When Spotify presents you with results, you can either speak the track name or select a song by tapping on the screen manually.

Search Spotify Artist

Like a playlist, you can search your favorite artist from the Spotify app. Again, this will not play any song of that artist. Spotify will show you albums or songs created by the artist. From the list, you can either select an album or song composed/sung by that artist.

That’s all friends!

Signing off…

More shortcuts are coming your way. Apple will keep improving its intelligent voice assistant to make your life more comfortable. This Siri integration in Spotify also explains the music app’s popularity in the United States.

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What other shortcuts would you like to see in the Siri Shortcuts for Spotify? Share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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