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How To Get Spotify Premium For Free 😍 [100% Working & November 2020]

Ultimate List Of Free Spotify Premium Account 2020 – This article was composed based on the high demand for free Spotify premium accounts from Spotify lovers all around the world. I just took my time to write this post to suits all Spotify lovers with the primary purpose of giving free 100% Spotify premium accounts.

  • Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Spotify is all the music you’ll ever need. Listening is everything - Spotify.
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  • Get 3-month Spotify Premium Free Trial On PC/Mac. Spotify offers many promotion activities to attract new users. It includes 30/60 days/3 month free trial or 3-month use for only $0.99 Spotify deals.

If you are looking for a hack that you can get FREE Spotify Premium on your Android smartphone without paying $ 9.99 per month for paid features, then you are in the right place. Spotify offers you a free 30-day trial. After those 30 days, you will automatically pay for Spotify Premium features.

Here we will guide you on where to get the Spotify Premium Account that will offer you all premium features for FREE. First of all, let us know about the Spotify app.

Spotify Technology is a Swedish media service provider founded in 2006. The company’s core business is its audio streaming platform that provides DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected music and podcasts from record labels and media companies.

Launched on October 7, 2008, the Spotify platform offers access to more than forty million tracks. And in those millions of tracks, you can find your unique tracks in a second.

Nowadays, people travel a lot, and while traveling, they love to listen to their favorite songs. Spotify is the best place where you can stream your favorite playlist by creating it. In Spotify Premium you can listen to your favorite songs even in offline mode.

How to get Spotify Premium free forever

Spotify offers a 30-day free trial to each user; In this trial version, you can use the Spotify Premium feature for 30 days. This method is 100% legal as it provides Spotify itself.

Now the question will come into all of your minds how to take a Spotify free trial. It’s easy if you have a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. If you have one of these then you can easily take a Spotify free trial, but if you don’t have one of these, you can use VCC to take a Spotify free trial.

Free Spotify Premium Acc

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Download Spotify Hacked APK or Download Spotify Premium APK

As you download a hacked Spotify Premium app, there is a chance that some of the premium features may not work on your Android device. If you are looking to enjoy all the paid features, we will suggest that you download the official Spotify app and pay for this great music streaming service, which brings us to the next step, the step number

On your Android device, there is a security feature that prevents the installation of third-party applications downloaded from unknown sources. So before you can install the Spotify Premium app on your Android device, you need to enable the option that allows the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Spotify Premium Account Free List

If you don’t know the steps to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources, here are the steps you can use to do it: On your Android device, go to Settings and in the “Personal” section find Security and tap the security button.

In the Device Management section, you will find an Unknown Sources option with a toggle switch option. A simple tap on the option will change it to enable the option. But first, you may see a warning message. Tap Accept to accept it.

Now, we will guide you through the instructions for installing Spotify Premium on your Android device: The file you downloaded in Step 2 will be in a compressed format, so you should use any file explorer or file manager to extract/unzip the file. which you download from here.

Once extracted, tap on the apk file, which is spotify.sica.apk to begin the installation. You will see a list of all the permissions required by the Spotify app. Tap on the Install button. You will see the installation window along with a progress bar. This process shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. Now the application is installed on your Android device. Tap on the Done option button.


After the successful installation of the Spotify app, don’t forget to disable the Unknown Sources option to keep your Android device protected from the installation of malicious apps that lead your smartphone to viruses.


With the latest modded Spotify Premium apk, you should now be able to log in by using your existing one or by any previous Spotify account. So now you don’t need to create a new Spotify account. However, if in any case your current Spotify account is down, which happens in the rare case, then you may need to create a new Spotify account.

Free Spotify Premium via Free Trail

This is the best way out of what we have mentioned above because it has officially launched Spotify. If you are using Spotify for the first time, you will get three months Spotify free trial, with the help of which you can use Spotify for free for three months, there is no charge for it. But if you don’t know how to take Spotify free trial, we have told the full producer. You can easily get a free trial version of Spotify by following it

  1. First of all, you need to visit the official site of spotify
  2. Now as soon as you get to the home page you will have the option to Gate Spotify For a month in the top right direction click on it.
  3. Now click on Register and fill in all your details. Remember, you don’t make any mistakes, or you can’t get a free trial.
  4. Now this is the last option, now fill in the details of your card and click on Start 30-Days Trial Now Boom Congress

You have Spotify Premium Free

Spotify Premium via Student Package

If you are a student and have proof of it, you can get a Spotify premium for much less amount than the other people. Spotify offers students a significant discount on a subscription to Spotify premium.

If you are a student and you want to use Spotify premium but you don’t have that much money. Then Spotify helps you plan and offers you different plans. If you are a student and want to use Spotify premium, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Spotify application from the Google Play store. Open the Spotify app and sign up with all the details. To get the Spotify premium, click the Settings button in the upper right corner. Click on the “Go Premium” button. Now click on the “Get Premium” button. It will take you to the new page.
  2. Click on the Join Premium button, which will take you to the bottom of that page. Click the “Get 30 Days Free Button”. It will take you to the payment options page. Enter all the card details. Click the button “start 30 days trial now”. Then click on the plan change button at the top right of the screen.
  3. There you will see different Spotify premium membership plans. On the last of the page, you will see the button “Premium for students – up to 50% discount”. Click on that button. On the new page, you will see that you have to verify that you are a pure student. Click on the Next button.
  4. Follow the instructions by filling in your first name, last name, email address, your country, fill in your mobile phone number for OTP verification. It will take you to the next step where you have to submit some documents. They choose their plan and pay for it. Congratulations, you are now on Spotify premium.

Download Spotify mod apk

People also ask [FAQ]

How do I update the Spotify premium in the app?

You can upgrade to the Spotify premium app by clicking on the setting option and then clicking on go premium option after that click on the get premium option will take you to the new page where you can click on the join premium button which will take you to the bottom of the page.

Click the 30-day free button. It will take you to the payment options page. Enter all the card details. Click the button “start 30 days trial now”. Congratulations, you are now on Spotify premium. And by following the same steps, you can upgrade your Spotify premium membership.

How is the premium paid on Spotify?


You can pay the Spotify premium in the Spotify app by signing up and then clicking the get premium button and choosing your plan on Spotify premium. Click the get a 30-day trial button, then click the other projects, and then select your favorite method after choosing your ideal Spotify premium membership plan, click the pay option button then pay with your visa or debit card.

How much does a one-year subscription to Spotify cost?

To get the Spotify premium, you need to pay a small amount. The amount depends on the number of days for which you want to use Spotify premium. For one day they charge you a sum of 13 rupees. For one week they charge you an amount of 39 rupees. For a month they charge you an amount of 129 rupees. For three months, they charge you 389 rupees. For six months, they charge you 719 rupees.

If you want to get a premium subscription for one year, they charge you a total sum of Rs 1,189. Pay once and get rid of all ads and playlist online mode. Create your playlist and use Spotify premium the way you want to use your premium account.

Last word

So that was it for the How to Get Spotify for Free. Now go ahead and enjoy the Spotify and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions, feel free to comment below and we will surely help you.

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