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Free Access to the Premium Features of Spotify with Spotify++ – Download from AppValley: Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. Similar to various other music-streaming services they depend on paid users to generate revenue. Paid users are the one who opts for Spotify Premium. As compared to Spotify, the premium version of the same comes packed with certain essential features that are not present in the non-premium version. However, you can get access to the premium features, without paying a dime, with Spotify++ free download.

These are named either after their function (e.g. Bass Booster or Bass Reducer) or the kind of music they work best for (e.g. Rock or Classical). Just tap a preset to apply it. You can also modify any preset to make it better fit your set up. On Android, open Spotify and tap the gear icon in the top right corner. IPhone and iPad users around the world found Spotify, TikTok and other iOS apps didn't work for a time on July 10.It now seems many of the issues reported are now fixed.

Spotify++ is a hacked version of the original application that provides you with the features of Spotify Premium free of cost. Unfortunately, Spotify++ is not available on the official store. If you wish to install the same then you require taking the services of a third-party App Store. We Recommend AppValley for the purpose as it has a myriad of other hacked applications that could be useful to you.

However, before we proceed towards the download and installation of Spotify++ let us have a look at the set of features that you can enjoy with Spotify++. Also, Check Out another best-tweaked application “WhatsApp++ Download on iOS Within 2 Minutes“.


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Spotify++ on iOS Features:

The best feature of Spotify++, present in Spotify Premium, is that you can play any song, any time on any device- mobile, tablet, or a computer. Moreover, the non-premium version of Spotify does not let you download music for offline listening, but, in Spotify++ you can download your favorite music to your local storage for offline listening. The following are some more features of Spotify++.

  • The non-premium version of Spotify does not offer all the sound qualities for selection purposes. However, Spotify++ has amazing sound qualities to offer.
  • Ads ruin the music listening experience especially if you are listening to songs on a playlist. Spotify++ eliminates the advertisements.
  • You can skip songs for the unlimited number of times in Spotify++, however, the non-premium version provides an only a finite number of skips.

The crazy thing about Spotify++ is that you get all the features of Spotify Premium without paying anything. Are you interested to download Spotify++ on iPhone/iPad. The following are the download and installation steps for the same?

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Install Spotify++ on iOS using AppValley

  • Your first step is to launch the Safari Browseron your iOS device and click down belowto navigate to the webpage from where you can install AppValley onto your iOS device.

Alternate Download Link

  • Click on the ‘Install AppValley’ button on the webpage. The Settings of your device will open up and you will get a prompt to install the profile of AppValley.
  • Please go ahead and install the profile. This will bring AppValley onto the home screen of your iOS device. Trust its profile before launching.
  • From AppValley, simply search for Spotify++ and tap on ‘Getnext to the application to download and install the same onto your iOS device.
  • Do not forget to trust the profile of Spotify++ as well prior to launching the application.

Android Users: “AppValley Android APK Download“.

Spotify++ on iOS – FAQs

  • What is Tweaked Spotify++ ??

There are hundreds of great independent tweak developers out there. They just tweak or mod the paid application and provide us for free. That’s exactly Tweaked Spotify means. We can enjoy all premium applications for free with these tweaked applications. It’s not against any policies out there, but still, I would recommend you use VPN while using Spotify++ on iOS using AppValley to be more in the safest zone if you concern too much about privacy.

  • Is AppValley Safe to Download Spotify++ ??

AppValley doesn’t have any malware or viruses in it and it won’t break any Apple law, so, obviously, It’s a completely safe application to download our favorite “Spotify++“. We are using this Spotify++ for the last one year and we are damn sure that it’s the safest application as AppValley not accessing any root folders of Apple.

  • Why my Spotify++ Not Working ??

If this error is from the AppValley side, I would suggest you uninstall the earlier version and install the latest version to fix the issue. This usually happens when the app got revoked because of some bugs from the developer end or AppValley end. If you face the Spotify Plus Plus not working issue even after installing the latest version form AppValley, Just switch off your router and switch it on again and try it out. It would definitely work now, no matter what. Please make sure that Spotify is not in offline mode or revoked Apps Section in yourGeneral Settings, this might cause issues some times.

  • How Can I get Spotify Premium for Free ??

Spotify Not Opening Ios

We have a hell lot of third party apps in that we get all paid apps tweaked versions for free. You will get the Spotify premium with some enhanced features added to it. I would list these few of my favorite apps store apps where you get Spotify Premium for Free, TuTuApp, AppValley, TweakBox and Emus4U Store. Try out any of these third-party apps stores that too without any jailbreak of your ios device and get the Spotify Premium for Free.

  • What is Spotify Plus Plus ??

Spotify++ or Spotify Plusis a tweaked version of Spotify developed by independent developers out there. You will get all premium features of this application at absolutely no cost per month subscription. It’s an official MD version of Spotify where you enjoy all premium features for free.

  • Can You Download Songs on Spotify Plus Plus ??

Yes, you can download all your favorite millions of tracks to the offline with this tweaked version of Spotify. You can enable download options in settings and offline them to listen to them while you are not connected to any internet.

How to Uninstall Spotify++ from iOS

Spotify not opening iphoneNot

If you are a music lover, Spotify++ is the best-modded version of the app. It gives you an unlimited collection of music in the best quality. You can even download songs from it. If you are still not finding it good enough, you can easily uninstall Spotify++ from iOS devices. Refer to the procedure given in the coming section.

You can uninstall Spotify++ safely by following the instructions given below.

  • Find the Spotify++ app from the home screen.
  • You need to press and hold the app icon for a while.
  • When it starts wiggling, tap on the Cross button at the top of the icon.
  • From the popup window, tap on Delete to confirm the action.

That’s all you have to do. The procedure is simple and removes the app safely. There will be no junk files left after uninstalling Spotify++ from iOS.

Conclusion: Spotify++ Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Spotify++ gives the power of premium in your hands – Final Words. By following the steps mentioned in this guide, you caninstall Spotify++ onto your iOS device. If you face any issues during the installation, please let us know about the same via the comments section provided below. Also, let us know about your experience of using Spotify++.

Thank You.

Spotify even though it’s a great music service, its apps don’t function properly always and sometimes causes problems. These errors are pretty annoying like sometimes Spotify won’t open at all. There are several other problems that users often face with Spotify like waiting to download or local files not showing. But as there are solutions for those problems there is also a solution to this Spotify problem also.

Update – 10/07/2020 – Turn off mobile data or turn on Airplane mode to enjoy the offline songs in your Spotify App.

Why won’t Spotify open on my computer?

There could many reasons as to why Spotify might not be opening or crashing while trying to open. Maybe your audio drivers are outdated, maybe you need to clear out your Spotify cache or maybe there was a problem while update Spotify and you need to update it properly again.

Or just maybe the Spotify crashed while you were trying to close and reinstalling the app and rebooting your computer might just solve the problem. Here are a few tricks you can try to make Spotify open again

1. Uninstall & Delete Spotify Cache

Some users report that if you uninstall the mal-functioning Spotify app and then also clear its cache and then do a clean reinstall, while also in between giving your computer a restart, seems to solve the problem.

Here’s how you can do that –

  • In order to simultaneously uninstall and clear cache of Spotify, download and install IOBit Uninstaller. This is a 3rd party software which works absolutely fine.
  • After installing open up the app and under ‘All Programs’ look for the Spotify app. There will be a green dustbin icon beside the Spotify app name, click it.
  • Then when a new sub-window appears, tick the option ‘Automatically remove residual files’ and click on the uninstall button. Spotify will be now successfully uninstalled and all its cache and data will be cleared.
  • This should successfully uninstall Spotify and also clear out all its data and cache. Now give your computer a reboot and then reinstall the latest version of Spotify.

But what if you don’t want to install a third-party app on your system? Well, we have a manual solution for you then.

  • Uninstall the Spotify app, the normal way from the control panel first. Then go to this location in your File explorer ‘C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalSpotify‘ and delete the whole Spotify folder. Then give your computer a restart.
  • Then install the latest version of Spotify and check if Spotify is opening.
  • If you are having problems in deleting the cache folders yourself, why not try using trusted 3rd-party apps and let them do the job? You can use apps like Wise Care 365 and then just do a checkup of your computer inside the app and it will automatically find temporary files and unwanted data and delete those while clearing out tons of space for you.

2. Update Spotify

Sometimes bugs in the current version of Spotify app that you are using can also cause Spotify to not open, so it would be best to check for updates in Spotify and if there are any updates available, then update to the latest version of the app. You can learn to update Spotify in different devices to their latest versions from this link.

3. Update Windows

A lot of times some bugs in Windows updates cause problems in applications and this is a pretty common thing. But if you have windows restore enabled then you don’t need to worry, as you can just restore to the previous version and then try running Spotify again.

A corollary, older Windows versions might not work properly with new applications like Spotify which get frequently updated and they would need to be updated to the latest version that is available. First enable Windows restore and take a backup of your current system and then proceed onto update your Windows to the latest version that is available, note that no data will be deleted while updating so do not worry.

After updating try running Spotify and if it does not work and you face other problems, then you can always restore your system as you already have a backup.

4. Update Audio Drivers

Sometimes outdated audio drivers can cause problems with music apps and might often cause them to crash, as none of your sound-related devices would get recognised. Try using apps like Driver Booster to automatically update all your outdated device drivers automatically.

Just install Driver Booster, by following the on-screen instructions and then run it. It will then scan your computer for all connected devices and will match the installed drivers with their database and also look for missing drivers. It will then install all missing drivers and update all the outdated ones.

Then after installing and updating all the drivers, your device will restart, you can then try running Spotify. You just learned to fix the Spotify won’t open error now, are you facing the Spotify can’t play this right now error? Well, check that link out then.

Spotify won't open? Here's how to fix it!
Spotify not opening? Why won't Spotify open on your computer? Check out working solutions to get Spotify started.
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