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Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

(Pocket-lint) - Once your children get to a particular age, you'll find that having everyone using the same music account becomes difficult. Not only does it mess with your automatically-generated playlists, but more importantly it means you can't listen because someone else is using that subscription.

In comes the family plan, aiming to give multiple users access to streaming services without you having to pay the full price for multiple individual subscriptions.

Here we break down the costs, pros and cons of each different system and you'll find they're all competitively priced.


  • Family price: $14.99 / £14.99
  • Family members: 6
  • Explicit lyric filtering: Yes

Spotify is the big daddy of streaming services, 60 million+ tracks, 1.5 million podcasts and Spotify Radio, but importantly there's a lot of support for Spotify on other devices through the Premium service - on smart TVs, speakers, Android, Apple, PC, Mac - with Spotify Connect a major advantage.

The family price is £14.99/$14.99 and for that up to six members get the same Premium level of service. If you're already a Spotify subscriber and you join a family, you can keep your playlists.

You all have to live at the same address - but there's no limit on the number of devices - and there will be one individual bill. You will all have to have individual Spotify accounts linked to an email address - and you (legally) need to be 13 (with parental consent) to have a Spotify account.

There's ad-supported Spotify Free as an alternative, but it does have limitations - and if you're part of a Spotify Family you can't use any other discounts or use free subscriptions from third-parties, like your mobile provider.

There is explicit content filtering, which you can set on an individual basis so the primary account holder is in charge of what family users can and cannot hear.

Apple Music

  • Family price: $14.99 / £14.99
  • Family members: 6
  • Explicit lyric filtering: Yes

Apple Music boasts 60 million songs and access to the Apple Music 1 (previously Beats 1) radio station. It is supported on Apple and Android devices, Apple HomePod, Sonos, PC, Mac and Amazon Echo devices but not Google Home devices at the moment.

Apple Music includes anything you might have in your iTunes collection including music you purchased from Apple, and you can sync iCloud music that you upload - with each member able to share iTunes purchases with the family.

Apple Music costs £14.99/$14.99 for a family of 6 and everyone will have to have an Apple ID to be part of the family - as it is with Family Sharing. You can create an Apple ID for children under the age of 13 using your own email address as an emergency backup; kids over 13 can create their own Apple ID.

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You can join a family if you've been an Apple Music subscriber previously, keeping your playlists and so on.

You can also set content restrictions in Apple Music. This needs to be set on each device (it's not universal), but the settings can be locked with a PIN code.

Amazon Music Unlimted

  • Family price: $14.99 / £14.99
  • Family members: 6
  • Explicit lyric filtering: Yes

While Amazon Music offers some 'free' access via Prime subscriptions in Prime Music, for the full 60 million songs you'll need to take out a proper Amazon Music subscription - Amazon Music Unlimited. Prime Music only has a catalogue of 2 million.

The Unlimited family account gives you 6 members and each user gets an individual account; each member needs to be at least 13 years old to have an Amazon account, so it's different to other Amazon Household accounts - like Kindle.

A regular individual subscription is £9.99 for non-Prime subscribers or £7.99 for those who also subscribe to Prime. There are also other subscription options though, including one for use on an Echo device.

You can upload music to Amazon Music Unlimited and music you purchase from Amazon - including AutoRip tracks - are included. Amazon Music Unlimited can also be 'cast' to Echo devices on the same network using Alexa Cast.

There is explicit lyric filtering available and you'll have to enable this on each individual device, but there's no PIN protection so can easily be turned off.

YouTube Music

  • Family price: $14.99 / £14.99
  • Family members: 6
  • Explicit lyric filtering: Yes

YouTube Music takes over from Google Play Music and offers a huge catalogue of official albums, playlists, singles and videos. It can be accessed on Android or Apple devices, PC, Mac, supports Google Cast streaming to many speakers, and is supported natively on Google Home devices.

The family subscription requires all users to have a Google Account, which then allows up to 6 family members (including the bill payer) all living at the same address. You can only change family groups once per year. You can include children that you have setup using Family Link if your child is under the age of 13.

It costs £14.99 / $14.99 for the family, a regular individual subscription is £9.99.

There is explicit lyric filtering and Android devices have separate parental controls in Google Play that will allow you to exclude explicit content in music.


  • Family price: $14.99 / £14.99
  • Family members: 6
  • Explicit lyric filtering: Yes

Deezer offers 56 million music streaming tracks and plays nice with a wide range of platforms, although the family account will only work on Android, iPhone, PC and the web player.

The family price is £14.99/$14.99 and that again gives you 6 users - all of which have to be living at the same address - with separate profiles. Deezer is keen to point out that you'll get plenty of content perfect for younger kids with its Deezer Kids option providing music picks for under 12s.

There's a limit of 13 devices for the Deezer family account - 3 for the main subscriber and then 2 each for the secondary users.

There is explicit lyric filtering that can be enabled on each playing device.

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Is it possible to get Spotify premium for free? Many people ask this. We all know that Spotify is a great music service to stream millions of songs and playlists. It's free to use, although there are some limitations. Spotify premium costs $9.99 per month and removes all free version limitations. Spotify premium allows you to play music ad-free, offline and on-demand. Everyone can try Premium free for 30 days, but after that you need to pay $9.99 ($14.99 for Family or $4.99 for Student) per month if you still want to enjoy premium features. For many, these charges become too high, considering it’s a subscription-based model and requires a monthly payment. But do you know there are some ways to get Spotify premium for free? Here we will show you 7 ways to get Spotify premium free.
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Method 1 Ondesoft Spotify Converter (for Mac/Windows)
Method 2 Use multiple Spotify Premium free trial Accounts
Method 3 Spotify Premium at no additional cost with AT&T UNLIMITED &MORE™ PREMIUM
Method 4 Join Someone else's Premium for Family subscription
Method 5 Six months of Spotify Premium for free on select Samsung Galaxy mobile devices
Method 6 Install Spotify Cracked app on iOS without Jailbreak
Method 7 Install Spotify Premium Mod Apk on Android

Method 1 Ondesoft Spotify Converter (for Mac/Windows)

If you want to get Spotify premium for free, try Ondesoft Spotify Converter, which allows you to get Spotify premium free by converting Spotify music to mp3 format. Then you can enjoy all Spotify premium features: offline playback, ad-free and unlimited skips. It will preserve 100% original quality and all ID3 tags of the Spotify music. With this professional Spotify music Converter, you can download as many Spotify songs, playlists or albums as you like at a time. Ondesoft Spotify Converter is available on Mac and Windows. Drag&drop Spotify songs/albums/playlists to Ondesoft Spotify Converter and click 'Convert'. By downloading the songs to mp3, you can get rid of all Spotify free limitations.

Method 2 Use multiple Spotify Premium free trial Accounts

The easiest Spotify Premium free is to officially subscribe to the Spotify premium free trial. Now Spotify offers 1 months of Premium for free for new users. However, if you choose PayPal from the dropdown at checkout to sign up, you can get 3 months of Spotify Premium for free. After the 3-month free trial, you can create a new email address as well as a new Spotify account. If you have enough email accounts, you can get Spotify premium free forever.

Method 3 Spotify Premium at no additional cost with AT&T UNLIMITED &MORE™ PREMIUM

AT&T UNLIMITED &MORE™ PREMIUM customers can get Spotify Premium at no additional cost. Create an AT&T WatchTV account and you will get a list of AT&T’s premium entertainment options, select Spotify Premium. Follow the instructions and you can now listen to Spotify Premium at no additional cost. View details >>.

Spotify Helper Mac Necessary

Method 4 Join Someone else's Premium for Family subscription

Premium for Family subscriber can add 5 members of the same household to enjoy Spotify premium while keeping their own accounts and playlists separate. Spotify doesn't check whether you really reside at the same address with the subscriber, just make sure your address in the account is same as the subscriber's. An email will be sent to you when you get invited which contains a link with an invite code. Click the green button that says 'ACCEPT INVITATION', login to your existing Spotify account to link a family subscription to your account and enjoy Spotify Premium! How to join Spotify Family Premium?

Method 5 Six months of Spotify Premium for free on select Samsung Galaxy mobile devices

Open the Spotify app preloaded on your Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G or Note20 5G Ultra, Galaxy S20 5G, S20+ 5G, S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy A51, or Galaxy A71 5G. Log in or create an account, and tap the ‘Premium’ tab on the bottom of your screen to learn how you could get your first six months ofSpotify Premium for free. Only for users who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before. Terms & conditions Apply.

Method 6 Install Spotify Cracked app on iOS without Jailbreak

Another solution to get Spotify premium free is to install spotify cracked version. Spotify++ is a cracked version of the Spotify app. It lets you get part Spotify Premium features for completely free. It will remove the ads and grants you unlimited skips, but there is no offline playback feature. It’s developed by a third-party developer and you cannot download it from the App Store like you can do with normal apps. You can download it from AppValley ( or TweakBox (

Method 7 Install Spotify Premium Mod Apk on Android

There is a Spotify premium mod apk which allows you to enjoy most Spotify premium features for free, such as unlimited skips, no ads and extreme premium quality. However, one important premium feature is lost: offline playback. The apk itself is also free. It is evident that you cannot download the modded Spotify Premium app from the official Google Play Store. However, you can grab the latest Spotify cracked apk for free from here. Before installing the app, make sure to uninstall the official Spotify app from your Android if you have it installed. Check Spotify hack alternatives.

Tutorial: How to Install Spotify Cracked app on iOS

Here we will take AppValley as example and show you how to install Spotify++ from AppValley. Check here if you want to install Spotify++ from TweakBox. If you have official Spotify installed, please uninstall it first.

Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad, open Safari and go to AppValley's Home Page ( Click Install.

Click Allow.

Click Close and Go to Settings - Profile Downloaded.

Click Install.

Click Done.

Spotify Helper Mac

Now the AppValley app is installed on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open AppValley. You may find Spotify++ in the Featured section.Tap the “GET” button next to the app to install it.

11/29/2019 Update: It seems Spotify++ is removed at this moment. You are advised to install Spotify Fix.

After installation, tap Spotify app and you may get below notice:

Go to Settings - General - Profile&Device Management, tap CISDI Information Technology CO., LTD.

Tap Trust.

Step 3: Open Spotify and log in your account, click Your Library - Account, you will find you have a PREMIUM account, although this PREMIUM account doesn't allow you to download songs. You can listen to Spotify without ads and on demand.

However, Apple may ban it at any time. You'll be notified “Unable to Download App… Spotify++ could not be installed at this time”. What to do now? Normally you’ll have to wait until a third party (TutuApp, Tweakbox,…) signs the app and update it again. Strictly speaking, it's not completely Spotify premium free. If you want the premium feature offline playback, then this tool is not for you. Check Spotify hack alternatives.

Tutorial: How to install Spotify Premium Mod Apk on Android

Step 1: Download the latest Spotify cracked apk for free from here.

Step 2: The file you downloaded will be in a zip format. Use the built-in file manager or any file explorer of your choice to extract/unzip the file. If you don't have one, try install ES File Explorer.

Spotify Helper Mac Necessary Software

Step 3:Find the downloaded file and open it with ES Zip Viewer. Then follow the instructions to install Spotify apk.

Step 4: After installation, log in your account and listen to songs on demand without ads. Same as Spotify++ for iOS, this Spotify premium version also doesn't support offline playback.

However, the detection system in Spotify for Android system can identify whether you are using hacked Spotify app. If their system detects any usage of cracked or modded Spotify Premium app then they will disable it and send you warning message 'If we detect repeated use of unauthorized apps in violation of our terms, we reserve all rights, including suspending or terminating your account.'

The above 2 methods to get Spotify premium free both have some limitations and risks, so we strongly recommend you the below safe and easy way to get free Spotify Premium on iPhone/Android/Mac/Windows.

Tutorial: How to get Spotify premium for free with Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Follow below steps to learn how to get Spotify premium for free by downloading Spotify music without premium with Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter.

Please make sure you have installed Spotify app on your computer.

1. Run Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Download, install and run Ondesoft Spotify Converter on your Mac or Windows. Spotify will be launched automatically.

2. Drag&drop Spotify songs, albums or playlists

Drag&drop song, playlists or albums you want to download from Spotify app to the interface directly. Or click 'Add Files', copy&paste the link of the song, album or playlist to the bottom area and then click + icon. To copy the link, right click the playlist, album or song and choose 'Share' - Copy Playlist(or Album/Song) Link.

All songs in the playlist or albums will be checked by default. You can uncheck the songs you don't want to download. Then click Add to import all checked songs.

3. Choose output format (optional)

Ondesoft Spotify Converter will download Spotify songs to mp3 by default. You can also change the ouput format to M4A, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AIFF. Click Option - Advanced to change output format, SampleRate or BitRate according to your needs. Click Option - General to change output folder if you like.

Spotify Helper Mac Necessary Mac

4. Click Convert button

Click Convert button to start downloading Spotify music to the format you choose.

After downloading, click below folder icon to quickly locate the DRM-free Spotify songs. You can then listen to the Spotify songs offline without ads, skip any song as you like. Transfer them to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android devices. You can enjoy Spotify premium free on any devices that support mp3.

Video Tutorial: Get Spotify Premium for free with Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter

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