Spotify Freezes Mac High Sierra

12/10/2021by admin

I'd honestly only recommend upgrading to High Sierra if you have a real reason to (i.e. You develop mac apps and need to fix bugs, or are pining to play with RX 580 eGPU support). This is the first time in years of developing mac stuff that I've tried a developer beta, and only because I have a better backup/partition strategy than years past. After Apple Released the 2020-002 Security Updates, some users started to report that their Mac would would freeze up when using GPU Hardware Accelerated apps or video. UPDATE 05/26/20 – Apple has just released the 2020-003 Security Update for macOS Mojave 10.14 and High Sierra 10.13.

  1. Spotify Freezes Mac High Sierra Leone
  2. Spotify Freezes Mac High Sierra 10.13


Currently I'm facing the following issue:


iMac 21.5' (4K) (I think is irrelevant)



macOS High Sierra 13.3.3

Xcode 9.2 Build (9C40b)


While using the xcode storyboard editor, if I drop a UI control to the editor (any, label, combo box, viewController) the working icon appears, then the xcode freezes entirely the macOS, all services stop to work. the only way I have to recover control over my mac is pressing the turn on button a few seconds and turn it on again...

Additional info:

Sometimes, I can use xcode for a few hours, drag&drop controls, but sooner or later this issue is happening.

Spotify Freezes Mac High Sierra Leone

I can use xcode without using the storyboard editor as long as I want... any ideas what to do?

this was the directions from a Apple Support guy... let's reset the NVRAM!

Spotify Freezes Mac High Sierra

But:... I did not reset the NVRAM yet... (I'm really upset about this) because you can't perfom this task using what is in the box of your iMac; because the keyboard is wireless so reseting NVRAM pressing Option, Command, P, and R is an impossible task. (I would get a wired keyboard to check if fix the issue)

Spotify Freezes Mac High Sierra 10.13

Any ideas how to fix it and most importantly which is causing it to understand?


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