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Want a Spotify alternative to stream music on your computer or mobile devices? As we know, Spotify is the most popular music streaming service. However, not everyone think Spotify is the best and some might consider that the monthly fee for Spotify music is expensive. So is there any other streaming music program similar to Spotify available? Of course. Read on and find the top 7 best Spotify alternatives below.

Part 1. Download Music from Spotify and Other Streaming Music Programs

Spotify is the number one music streaming service in the world. It boasts of over 40 million songs available for streaming and over 100 million active users. The Good news for Sonos lovers is that Spotify is now available on Sonos and is quickly becoming the best Sonos app for many people. Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services. It has a radio-like experience with some on-demand features. Free users can stream ad-supported music while paying users can stream on demand, get offline access, and listen to ad-free music. One of the features that sets Spotify apart are its recommendations. Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services, with more than 60. Services such as Apple Music and Spotify have plenty of classical music, but it’s much harder to find a specific track. Idagio also has a number of browsing tools, such as curated playlists and the.

If you want to enjoy your favorite music from Spotify or other streaming music sites anytime without Internet connection, you can download or record the music with the help of iMusic. You can use this Spotify alternative to download music from Spotify, Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube and other over 3000 music sites by copying and pasting the URL of the songs. As for some music you can't download, for example, music played in radio stations, you can use the Record feature to save the songs on your computer. Besides, iMusic offers you a music library, letting you search and download music for free.

iMusic - Alternatives to Spotify to Download Music from Over 3000 Music Sites

  • Download music from more than 300 music sites by copying and pasting the URL.
  • Record unlimited music from any website for playback in your computer with just one click.
  • Built-in music library let you browse and preview the lattest and hottest music.
  • Automatically save downloaded/recorded music to library for management and easy transfer.
  • Identify and tag music with artist, title, album, genre, and more with the latest technology.
  • Transfer music/playlist between iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android to iTunes/Windows/Mac easily.
  • 1 click to transfer downloaded music and playlist to USB drive to enjoy in car.

How to Use iMusic-Best Alternative to Spotify to Get Music from Spotify

To use iMusic Spotify alternative to get music from Spotify, here are two methods by iMusic, one is to record music from Spotify, another is directly download the music from Spotify by Pasting music's URL. Here we will show this two methods one by one.

Method 1. Use iMusic-Best Spotify Alternative to Download Music from Spotify

Step 1. Download and install iMusic at:

Download and install iMusic on your computer. You can immediately install it after it has been downloaded. Click the 'download' under the 'Get Music' option.

Note: Note that the program is running two versions, so make sure you select the appropriate choice for your computer(Windows & Mac). Both are similar, so we will demonstrate a sample using the version that is specifically for Windows.

Step 2. Download Spotify music Directly

Open the Spotify software or Spotify website, copy the playlist link or song link which you want to download.

Step 3. Paste the URL

Paste the link to the iMusic downloaded window: Get Music > Download , and then press the 'Download' button.


Step 4. Download Music from Spotify

Press the Download button after you select the format.

Method 2. Use iMusic-Best Spotify Alternative to Record Music from Spotify

Step 1. Open iMusic

As a first step, open the iMusic software present on your PC by double clicking its icon.

Step 2. Select Record

Select the option of 'Record' which on the top of the interface as below screenshot.

Step 3. Play music on Spotify

Now you need to play or stream the music on Spotify which you wish to record. In order to record from Spotify, open your Spotify account and then play the desired track.

Step 4. Click the record icon

As the music is played on Spotify, click on the button on the bottom of the interface as the below screenshot and the track will automatically get recorded.

Step 5. Find the recorded songs in the 'iTunes Library'

As you complete the recording of the songs, you can find the songs in the 'iTunes Library'.

Why Choose iMusic Spotify Downloader

Download Unlimited Free Music

Download music from Spotify, BBC Radio, Pandora, Grooveshark, Deezer, Napster, and 3000+ more.

Filter Ads and Split Tracks

Detect Ads and audtomatically filter Ads when recording. Split tracks to separate music files.

Identify Music and Get Info

Identify recorded music and automatically get music information like Title, Artist, Album and Genre.

Easy to Share Music

The downloaded music can be transferred to iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, and burn to CDs.


Deezer is a music streaming website that gives you access to millions of songs and is available on a variety of platforms and devices. Like many music streaming programs, Deezer has paid and free membership levels. Deezer actually has two paid membership levels, $4.99 and $6.99 a month, respectively. The $4.99 version is ad-free and comes with a limited mobile app, while the $6.99 version has full mobile abilities. The paid version of Deezer advertise an increased sound quality of up to 320 kbps. Deezer is one of the few music streaming programs available in Canada and in fact, it is in available in more than 100 countries worldwide and it is very similar to spotify.

Pros: Three levels of membership option. Available in 100+ countries. Good sound quality. Available on a variety of platforms.

Cons: Interface can be hard to navigate. Music library can feel limited. Have to pay extra to be able to use on mobile devices.

Google Play All Access

Spotify Free Music App

Google Play All Access is Google's entry into the streaming market. This is available through your mobile device or through the browser on your computer. Google Play has a music of almost 20 million library and boasts high sound quality. Unlike many of the other streaming options, Google Play does not have a free option. To access Google Play you have to pay $9.99 a month. Google Play allows you to search for songs and build customized playlists and there is also a feature to build playlists based on your listening history. Some listeners find the interface can be a bit confusing at times.

Pros: Large music catalogue. Good sound quality. Easy customization. One of the good Spotify alternative free.

Cons: No desktop version. No free version.


Grooveshark is a music streaming site that uses user-uploaded content, instead of making deals with record companies to access their content. You can find millions of songs on Grooveshark, all uploaded by users. There are two options, a free option with ads and a $5 month subscription fee that gives you ad-free music, the ability to take your account anywhere in the world, and other features. Grooveshark is facing lawsuits from several record companies because of rights infringement, so if legal access of music is important to you, then Grooveshark is not the service for you. Apple and Android have removed the Grooveshark App from their store, though it is still available on devices like Blackberry. Grooveshark's sound quality also varies wildly, due to the nature of the content.

Pros: Good Spotify alternative.Extremely extensive catalogue of songs. Very user-friendly. Blackberry supported.

Cons: Violates music copyright. Inferior sound quality. No app support for iPhone or Android. is a streaming radio station. It allows you to play music online and provide services like spotify, but you can't create custom playlists. Instead you can enter likes and dislikes, choosing artists you want to listen to and ones you want to avoid and it builds you a set list based on your preferences. For straight music listening, has good sound quality and a good selection of music, though many may find the lack of customization frustrating. Like many radio stations, features commercials, you can pay $3 a month to get an ad-free version.

Pros: Good sound quality. Good music catalogue.

Cons: Limited features. Limited customization.

Pandora Radio

Pandora is an online streaming radio site. It consists of themed stations, but does give you the option to create your own playlists. You can skip certain songs, but you are limited to a certain amount of skips per hour. Pandora's created playlists do become more personalized in time, as your listening history becomes more apparent. Pandora has a music library of around 1 million songs. You can access Pandora with ads for free or you can pay $4 a month for ad-free service. With Pandora you can listen via mobile app and it is available on a large selection of devices or through the web browser on your computer, there is no desktop version.

Pros: It is an almost free spotify alterntive with low cost. Available on most mobile systems.

Cons: No customization. Small music catalogue.


Rdio allows both personalized streaming, but also has themed radio stations for your listening pleasure. It has an incredibly easy to use interface and a large catalogue of songs, however the sound quality suffers at times. Rdio does not release their sound rate, unlike services like Spotify. Unlike a lot of streaming services, Rdio offers a free service, but limits the amount you can stream. There are two price levels for Rdio, $4.99 a month gets you unlimited, ad-free content from your web browser. While $9.99 a month gives you mobile access as well an offline access mode.

Pros: Interface is easy to use with service like Spotify. Good variety of songs. Mix of playlists and radio mode.

Cons: Sound quality. Streaming limit with the free option.


Stereomood works a little differently than other streaming music sites. Stereomood suggests music for you based on your mood. So you say 'I feel sad', then you'll get a playlist of designated sad songs. Stereomood isn't as good for customization as some of the other streaming sites, as it is all pre-set playlists, but you can tag songs that you think fits certain moods. The program keeps track of the moods that you enter and every week, you can look at your mood tally. Stereomood's iOS app is also linked to iTunes and gives you an option to buy the songs that you like on iTunes. Stereomood is free to listen to and has no ads.

Pros: Spotify alternative free. Fun mood options.

Cons: No customization. Limited song catalogue.

Choose the Spotify Alternative that is Best for You

Choose the Right Streaming Music Site to Enjoy Music Deezer Google Play All Access Grooveshark Pandora Radio Rdio Stereomood
Price Free, $4.99 per month or $6.99 per month $9.99 per month Free or $5 per month Free or $3 per month for ad-free and mobile Free or $4 per month for ad-free Free, $4.99 per month, or $9.99 per month Free
Sound Quality Up to 320 kbps Up to 320 kbps Depends on the song Up to 128 kbps Up to 192 kbps Unknown Up to 320 kbps
Customization Yes, but the interface can be tricky. Yes. Yes. Music is all uploaded by users. No No Yes No, pre-set playlists.
Music Library 30 million songs 18 million songs Over 30 million songs 12 million songs 1 million songs 1 million songs Less than 500,000
Platform Availability Web; Desktop: Mac, Windows; Mobile (premium only): iOS, Android, Blackberry Web; Mobile: Android, iOS Web; Mobile: Blackberry Web; Mobile (paid): iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Web; Mobile: iOS, Android; Kindle and Nook; Roku; Web; Desktop: Mac, Windows; Mobile (premium only): Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Web; Mobile: iOS, Android

Music On Spotify

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Spotify vs. Pandora

Launched in 2008, Spotify has grown into one of the most popular music streaming companies in the entire world. Its sleek interface and remarkable music discovery features have given it the success it enjoys today. Pandora started with the idea of creating a personalized radio station for each of its subscribers and powered its platform with what’s known as the Music Genome Project. Pandora’s subscribers enjoy creating multiple radio stations and finding new music through its Music Genome Project. Pandora is only available in the U.S. and in 2019 Sirius Radio acquired the service.

Spotify Premium vs. Pandora Premium Overview

Spotify and Pandora offer free service tiers ideal for the casual listener seeking a radio-like experience. The difference between these two choices lies mostly in features like discovery and social sharing.

Spotify Premium
Pandora Premium
Monthly price
Student plan
Family plan
Military discount
Number of songs
60 million
30 million
Free trial length
3 months
60 days

Interface and usability

Pandora has a user-friendly interface designed for simple access that’s easily traversable. Its mobile app is similar to the desktop design’s sleek appearance. Simply access your library, profile, and music discovery features sprawled across the bottom of your screen. Pandora takes into account your song and playlist choices by identifying your patterns of use and presenting future tracks based on your clicks. It’s also compatible with numerous devices, including your smartphone, TV, wearables, and more. And when it comes to offline mode, simply download your favorite stations to listen whenever you’re away from WiFi or in an out-of-service area.

In Spotify’s mobile app, the settings tab is located at the top right corner of your screen. From there you’re able to view your profile, alter your music quality, crossfade between songs, among many more features. Its menu is positioned across the bottom of the screen where you can access your library, search songs, or navigate to your home screen. It pairs with several devices including your smartphone, PlayStation 4, smart speakers, and so much more. You can also download up to 10,000 songs for offline mode.

Music discovery

Spotify’s world-renown discovery playlists, including “Discover Weekly” and “Daily Mix,” help listeners find new songs and artists. Spotify’s algorithm introduces tracks based on your previous likes, skips, and dislikes and exposes you to songs and artists you’ve never experienced before. While Spotify’s playlists are essential for many subscribers, it’s Pandora’s Music Genome Project that shines in this category. Using more than 450 attributes to describe songs, along with a complex mathematical algorithm to organize them, the Music Genome Project stimulates Pandora’s discovery with surgical precision. Choose a few songs, and Pandora will effortlessly fill the rest of your station with music you’re sure to like.

Social sharing

Due to the accessibility of Spotify’s free version, you can freely recommend artists, or share your favorite songs and playlists with your friends. With Pandora, you can share your favorite stations on Facebook and Twitter, but not to the same effect. Since its stations are locked behind its subscription service, you must be a member to enjoy — not the most conducive method for social sharing. With Spotify, you can share individual songs across Facebook, Reddit, Skype, Twitter, and other social platforms. And sharing is simple, just click on the three dots located to the right and choose your sharing options.

The best value

Spotify’s free tier is an incredible value that provides access to its vast music library, discovery features, and social sharing tools. When using Spotify’s desktop application as a free user, you also enjoy access to any of your favorite songs without shuffling like the mobile app. By comparison, Pandora offers two ad-free, subscription tiers — Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium — with Plus costing just $5 per month. So, if you don’t want to shell out $9.99 per month, you can choose either Pandora’s or Spotify’s cheaper alternative and still avoid ads altogether.

The Bottom Line

Pandora and its Music Genome Project provide an impressive approach to music discovery. With its complex algorithm, Pandora may enhance your scope of songs and artists based on your current selection of tracks making its service a good option for music discovery. If you want the best free music option, listen to music on a wide range of devices, or appreciate connectivity with friends, you can’t go wrong with Spotify.

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