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  1. Spotify Family Free Google Home Mini Uk

No free Google Home Mini for you!

Perhaps you recently heard that Spotify Premium users are now eligible to receive a free Google Home Mini. The promo has Spotify Premium customers in Canada super excited... well, most Spotify Premium customers.

There are a select few that are a little less than stoked about the promo, as they've been thoroughly left out. People who are currently subscribed to a Premium for Family account have not been included in the promo, meaning they are not privy to a free Google Home Mini.

The outrage is understandable when you realize that people on the Family plan actually pay $5 more than regular Premium users.

Discover family-friendly music handpicked by our experts. Play their favorite tracks offline and ad-free. Select an avatar and color theme. Download it from the iOS App Store or Google Play. Spotify Kids requires a Premium Family subscription, a plan for up to 6 family members who live together. Check out Premium Family for how to sign up.

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TL;DR Spotify Premium users that are subscribed to the Family account are speaking out about their exclusion from the Free Google Home Mini deal being offered right now until May 9th.

Hey @SpotifyCares .. Premium Family subscribers in the UK get a free Google Home Mini. Why can't Canadians?

— Darryl MacLeod (@darryl_macleod) April 10, 2019

To add insult to injury, it seems that Spotify Premium users in other countries are eligible to claim the free Google Home Mini if they are on the family plan. It's only Canadian families that are still left out of the deal.

Understandably, Canadian families are confused and feeling let down that they aren't able to take advantage of this sweet free gift.

@spotifycanada I can't hear the music. All I hear is #crickets.
No response as to why family 'premium' accounts, although more expensive, don't qualify for the free Google home mini. #spotifail

— Janika Ekdahl (@Janika80) April 10, 2019

So far, Spotify Canada has yet to respond to questioning customers, though I have a good feeling they will have to honour this deal to their Family Plan customers eventually.

Especially if they are already doing so for those customers in other countries.

Hey @Spotify or @SpotifyCares , I'm paying for a family plan in Canada. Can I still get the Google Home mini deal?

— Chris G Galbraith (@GhostGrifter) April 9, 2019

@SpotifyCares I have a premium for family Spotify account in Canada. Am I able to get the Google Home Mini offer? My kiddo would love to be able to ask Spotify to play her fave songs.

Spotify Family Free Google Home Mini Uk

— Veronica Murphy (@thriftgypsy) April 10, 2019Spotify Family Free Google

Stay posted to MTL Blog, as we will be sure to update you if this deal changes and Family Plan users are able to claim their free Google Home Mini.

In the meantime... maybe you just switch your Family account to a solo account for a month to cash in? Just kidding.

Terms and Conditions

Effective as of 1 November 2018


1. Introduction.
This Spotify Premium for Family Supplemental Offer (the “Supplemental Offer”) is made available by Spotify (as defined in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use (“Spotify Terms of Use”).

These terms and conditions (the “Supplemental Offer Terms”) supplement and incorporate by reference the Spotify Premium for Family Terms and Conditions (the “Premium for Family Offer Terms”). If there is any inconsistency between these Supplemental Offer Terms and the Premium for Family Offer Terms, these Supplemental Offer Terms will prevail. Relevant references to the “Premium for Family Offer” in the Premium for Family Offer Terms shall be read to apply also to this Supplemental Offer where permitted by these Supplemental Offer Terms.

2. The offer.
Eligible Users (as defined below) are entitled, subject to these Supplemental Offer Terms, to receive a Google Home Mini device (each a “GHM Device”) at the advertised price with this Supplemental Offer. Google, and not Spotify, is liable for each GHM Device. GHM Devices are only available for redemption for as long as supplies last. Only one Supplemental Offer may be applied to each Primary Account Holder (as defined below).

This Supplemental Offer is available for a limited period only and ends after the date advertised. Spotify reserves the right to modify or to earlier terminate this Supplemental Offer at any time and for any reason. Spotify shall not be obligated to redeem any further attempts to take up this offer after the earlier of (a) this Supplemental Offer expiring; (b) this Supplemental Offer being earlier terminated; or (c) supplies of GHM Devices running out.

3. Eligibility.
In order to receive this Supplemental Offer, users must satisfy the conditions listed at 3(A)-(C) below (each an “Eligible User”):

(A) be, or register to become, the primary account holder of a valid Spotify Premium for Family subscription in the United States (each a “Primary Account Holder”). Subject to whether you are an existing or new Primary Account Holder, the following terms apply:

(i) Existing Primary Account Holders: your ability to access Spotify Premium - a form of Paid Subscription, as defined in the Spotify Terms of Use - shall continue unaffected. By registering your interest to receive a Promotional Code (as defined below) and by redeeming such code on the Google Store, you (i) accept this Supplemental Offer and (ii) acknowledge and agree to these Supplemental Offer Terms; or
(ii) New Primary Account Holders: this Supplemental Offer allows you to access the Premium for Family Offer for the advertised monthly price after you subscribe to the Premium for Family Offer by completing your payment. By submitting your payment details, (i) you accept this Supplemental Offer, (ii) acknowledge and agree to the Spotify Terms of Use, these Supplemental Offer Terms and the Premium for Family Offer Terms; and (iii) understand that any personal information that we may collect and process under this Supplemental Offer will be done in accordance with the Spotify Privacy Policy.

If you were an existing subscriber to any other form of Spotify Premium immediately prior to becoming a New Primary Account Holder, any remaining subscription period that you may have had under your previous subscription type will be shortened upon successful purchase of this Supplemental Offer. The ability to access the Supplemental Offer will begin immediately upon successful purchase but payment in respect of the Supplemental Offer will not be taken until the start date of your new monthly subscription period.

(B) have a valid and current payment method; and

(C) pay for your Spotify subscription directly to Spotify and not through a third party (e.g., not through a cable or telecommunications provider).

4. Redemption.
You may claim your GHM Device via a Google Store promotional code (each a “Promotional Code”). Spotify shall distribute Promotional Codes as follows, subject to availability:

(A) Existing Primary Account Holders: you must first register your interest with us about receiving a Promotional Code. Once we have noted your interest and received the Promotional Code from Google, we will send that Promotional Code to the email address that you provided to us; or

(B) New Primary Account Holders: after you have successfully completed your purchase of this Supplemental Offer, you will be notified of our intention to distribute a Promotional Code to you. Once we have received the Promotional Code from Google, we will send it to the email address that you provided to us.

After you have received a Promotional Code, you will need to redeem it in the Google Store. You must be aged 18 or older. Promotional codes cannot be used with Guest Checkout, so you must be signed-in to your Google account to redeem the code and you will need to have or add a form of payment at checkout. Promotional Codes may not be exchanged for cash or used in connection with any product other than a GHM Device. Promotional Codes must be redeemed on or before 15 January 2019 or they will expire.

5. Fulfilment and shipping of GHM Devices.

Fulfilment and shipping of all GHM Devices is undertaken by Google, not Spotify.

Fulfilment: To redeem your Promotional Code and claim your GHM Device, you will need to visit and sign into, or create, a Google account. You must add the GHM Device to your cart and enter the Promotional Code during checkout to receive the GHM Device. The Promotional Code will be applied at checkout. Use of the Google Store will be subject to the Google Store Promotion Terms. Once ordered, a GHM Device may not be returned for cash or used as part of an exchange for any other product or service.

Shipping: GHM Devices cannot be sent to P.O. Boxes and can only be shipped within the United States. Shipping charges may apply if you are randomly selected to pay shipping charges, subject to Google’s terms.

6. Privacy.
In order to complete the fulfilment and shipping of GHM Devices, Google will share certain personally identifiable information with Spotify. This information will include redemption code ID, date of redemption, product SKU, order number and batch ID. You acknowledge that this information will be processed by Spotify subject to the Spotify Privacy Policy.

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