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Go wireless and play Spotify on Bluetooth supported devices such as speakers, headphones, and even your car.

You’ll need:

Spotify Codes offer a brand new way for users to share and discover anything available on Spotify. It’s as easy as taking a picture. Make sure your phone or computer and the devices you are going to connect has installed the latest Spotify program. Connect both devices to the same WiFi and log them into the same Spotify account. Open the Spotify program and select devices available. Start listening to Spotify music. Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Now, just click the 'Music Library on Computer' to locate the Spotify music library to add by making the bule circle next to iTunes or WMP. Just select the 'Add Music Library' to stream Spotify music to Bose SoundTouch app. You can find all added Spotify files in 'Music Library' section of SoundTouch app.

  • The Spotify app on a Bluetooth supported phone, tablet, or computer.
  • A Bluetooth supported audio device (such as a speaker, car, watch, headphones, etc).

Get started


Spotify Pc App Not Working

Note: It's best to close Spotify while establishing a connection.

  1. On both devices, switch Bluetooth on.
  2. Pair the devices. Check your device’s user guide for step-by-step instructions.
  3. Open Spotify and play. The sound now comes from your chosen device.

Need help?

Spotify Free Music App

If your Bluetooth connection isn’t working, make sure:

  • The devices are in range. We recommend they're within 1 meter (3ft) of each other.
  • Both devices have sufficient power.
  • You’re connected to the right device. You might need to disconnect any other devices.
  • You haven’t reached the maximum number of devices you can pair at any one time.
  • The connection allows media sharing. Look for this option in the Bluetooth settings of your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • You may need to select the device you’re pairing to as the default for your phone, tablet, or computer. Look for this option in the Bluetooth settings.

Still not working?

Try re-pairing your devices:

  1. Turn your Bluetooth audio device off.
  2. In the Bluetooth settings of your phone, tablet, or computer, delete the information of your Bluetooth device. This setting is often called Forget.
  3. On both devices, switch Bluetooth off/back on.
  4. Re-establish the connection. Check your device's user guide for specific steps.

Spotify Computer App Download

For more connection help with speakers and cars, check out:

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