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Nov 24, 2018 For example, Spotify keeps crashing, Spotify songs are missing or Spotify is not working on Android, etc. This post will focus on solving the issues that you might meet on Spotify. Furthermore, we will provide you with an ultimate solution to enjoy Spotify music off even though Spotify Android app keeps crashing.

Spotify is a digital technology that specializes in video and music streaming services. However, like any other program, it occasionally has bugs in Spotify. What to do when Spotify is not working? Don't feel worry! Below is a list of five common errors that can occur with Spotify for Mac and the solutions to these problems. Once you know how to fix all bugs in Spotify, you will be able to do set and then get back to enjoying your Spotify experience.

Part 1. Problems and Solutions to Spotify Not Working

Spotify shuffle sucks

Spotify shuffle sucks occur when Spotify does not shuffle all the songs in the playlist. Spotify may shuffle only a few songs in the playlist like the last 50 recently added songs, songs by the same artist or songs starting with a particular alphabet. You can, however, mitigate this as detailed below.


Restart your Spotify app:
Step 1. Log out from your account in the settings drop-down options.
Step 2. Restart the Spotify app by closing it and clearing it from the apps running in the background.
Step 3. Log in again by selecting the Spotify app.
Step 4. Try to shuffle your playlist and check if it is playing randomly, if not try the next solution.

Sort tracks by title:
Step 1. Select your preferred playlist in your Spotify app.
Step 2. Swipe your finger down the screen. A 'filter 'search with a drop-down feature on its right then appears.
Step 3. Select 'Title' from the drop-down options.
Step 4. In your playlist screen, tap the shuffle button.

Spotify keeps crashing

Occurs when the Spotify app closes randomly or rather the music stops mid-play. In other cases, the program does not respond to commands like 'reloading.' This can be solved in the following simple steps.


Step 1. Reboot your phone. Once the device is on open the Spotify app and check if it crashes. If it persists go to step 2.
Step 2. Clear data and cache of Spotify. From the home screen go to settings then apps. Open the app manager, select and tap Spotify. On the drop-down tap storage then tap CLEAR CACHE, tap cached data and finally tap CLEAR. Now open Spotify and check if it still crashes. If it does, go to step 3.
Step 3. Uninstall and reinstall Spotify. From the home screen go to settings the apps. Tap the app manager and select Spotify. Tap UNISTALL, click OK on the on-screen notification dialog box. Reinstall the Spotify app from the play store.

Spotify Not Working On Pc

Spotify keeps pausing

This problem occurs when the Spotify application stops playing music after a few minutes. The app remains open, but the music resets itself to 'restart.' You can counter this problem following these simple steps.


Step 1. Reboot your phone and open the Spotify app. If the problem persists go to step 2.
Step 2. Log in to your account at Click on username on the top right then on the drop-down menu click on 'Sign out everywhere.' Log back on to your account.

Spotify slow

This problem manifests itself when the Spotify application takes a lot of time to respond to user commands. Loading a new song, searching for a song or starting the app, takes time. In some instances, when the user clicks on a song, it loads slowly on screen then freezes and directs the user to the previous page. Below is its solution.


For phones, the problem might be the device and not the app:
Step 1. Download the Speedify app from the google play/ Appstore.
Step 2. Install the app and open.
Step 3. Let Speedify run in the background while using Spotify.

For a PC:
Step 1. Close the Spotify app
Step 2. PasteUsersAdministratorAppDataLocalSpotify into the directory bar of windows explorer.
Step 3. Delete all items inside the data, storage and browser folders and not the folders themselves.

Spotify keeps skipping songs

The songs in the playlist do not play to completion. After a few seconds, the app skips to the next song in the playlist. I some cases some songs are not entirely played by Spotify while sometimes, the songs play but become a blur of skipping. Follow the simple steps below to solve this problem.


Step 1. Open Spotify then go to settings.
Step 2. Scroll down the drop-down items then select delete cache data. It will delete everything in the app and not the application.
Step 3. Restart your phone and open the Spotify app.

For a PC first, close Spotify then create a backup of the cache folder Storage by renaming it. Restart Spotify, the app will recreate the folder as it tries to write to it and the problem is solved.

Spotify Won’t Load

Problem: There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to open Spotify and access your music. This occasionally shows up as an error 14 and every time you attempt to open the program, it automatically closes again. Other times there will not be an error message, the program just will not load for you at all, no matter how many times you click on it. Regardless of whether the program is opening and then closing again or if it won’t open at all, the following steps should be able to fix your issue.

Solution: The first thing you need to do is un-install Spotify. To do this you want to go to the Spotify menu and click “quit”. Once you have exited the program, you need to manually delete Spotify from your computer’s library and applications folder. You will also want to empty your trash. Once you have done that, re-start your computer. Once your computer has re-started, check your library and applications folder to make sure the files are gone.

Once you have re-started your computer and verified that Spotify is uninstalled go to the Spotify website and update the most recent version of Spotify. Once the installer has finished downloading, run it and re-install Spotify. You should now be able to open Spotify without issue.

Error 101

Problem: One of the most common Spotify errors is an error 101. A Spotify 101 error generally means that there is a conflict between Spotify and your computer’s firewall. In many cases, an error 101 will not happen when you first install Spotify, but can occur later on with automatic updates. The reason for this is that even though you have set it up so that your firewall recognizes Spotify as an accepted program, the automatic update can change how your computer views Spotify. This can lead to Spotify no longer being recognized by your firewall.

Solution: The easiest way to fix an error 101 is to remove Spotify from your firewall’s list of accepted programs and then re-start your computer. Once your computer has re-started, you will then want to manually re-add Spotify to the list of approved programs. This should clear up the error 101 and allow Spotify to start working once more.

In some cases your computer can have more than one firewall. Your computer may have come with a firewall built into the OS. This is a separate firewall from any third party firewall that you may have installed as an added layer of protection. If you do have two firewalls on your computer and are attempting to fix a Spotify error 101, then you have to make sure to apply the above process to both firewalls.

On rare occasions manually removing and re-adding Spotify to your firewall’s list of approved programs will not be enough to resolve the error 101. In these cases, you will need to uninstall Spotify and then re-install it. This will update the program’s information on all of your firewalls and allow the program to run smoothly without interference.

Update Error

Problem: Occasionally you may encounter an error when trying to install a Spotify update. Spotify updates its software every few weeks to fix bugs and make improvements to the quality of your experience and occasionally one of these updates can cause an issue.

Solution: When this happens, you need to exit the program by clicking “Quit Spotify” in the drop down menu. Once you have existed Spotify, you need to un-install Spotify, following the instructions above, and then go to the Spotify website and download the most recent version of Spotify.

Once you have completed your download, you can install the new version of Spotify, which should then run without any issues.

Re-Installation Error

Problem: There are times when you may need to re-install Spotify. This may be because you are trying to fix an error within the program or maybe because you have updated your OS. Whatever the cause, occasionally there can be issues with the re-installation. Luckily there is an easy fix to this problem.

Solution: When you are re-installing Spotify, you always want to make sure that you are using the most recent version of the program. It is always best to re-download the installer from the website instead of using the version currently on your computer. The version of the installer on your computer may be out of date, which is why it does not want to load. By downloading the installer directly from the website, you make sure that you are downloading the most up-to-date version of the program.

To re-install Spotify, make sure the old version is completely uninstalled and then go to the Spotify website and download the most recent version. Once the program has finished downloading, run the new installer, which should run smoothly. Once it is finished installing you will have access to the most up-to-date version of Spotify.

Can’t Search for Music

Spotify not working on pc

Problem: When it comes to using a streaming music player, you want to be able to find your favourite songs and this requires use of the search function. On very rare occasions, the search function can have an error where it will not let you click on it or search anything, which can be very frustrating. Thankfully it is also easy to fix.

Solution: To fix this problem you simply need to quit Spotify by going to the Spotify menu. You then need to wait for a few minutes and re-load the program. Very occasionally you may have to re-start your computer to resolve the issues. Once you do that you should be able to access your search function without any further issues.

Part 2. Download and Record Spotify Music

iMusic is specially designed for music lovers to get and manage music: download, record, transfer and manager music. It is the best software to download music directly from Spotify for free.

iMusic - Download Spotify Music Easily and Efficiently

  • Record unlimited free music in a single click.
  • Download music from more than 3000 music sites.
  • Automatically filter Ads and split tracks.
  • Identify music and get info like artist, album, etc.
  • Download music to MP3 or MP4 format high quality files.
  • Directly save downloaded and recorded music to iTunes.

Steps to Download Spotify Music by iMusic

Step 1. Launch iMusic

First download this Spotify offline software and install it on your computer, then run the iMusic program to open the primary window.

Step 2. Copy the Music Track’s URL

Navigate to the “Download” option within the “Get Music” window. in this very window, some popular sites as well as the URL paste box would be displayed. Select spotify and search the song you would like to download from this site. Copy its URL code and go back to the program.

Step 3. Step 3. Dowload the Spotify Music Track

Paste the URL you copied from Spotify within the URL paste box, select the desired target format and hit “Download”.

Step 3. Transfer Downloaded Spotify Songs to iPhone or Android

When you got the Spotify music tracks downloaded, turn to the DEVICE tab on the top. Then choose the third one to transfer Spotify offline music to your mobile devices by selecting and transfering. Quite easy, right?

Spotify is a top-level online music streaming service, welcomed by millions of users who listen to Spotify through various devices like computer, Mac, iPhone, Android, tablet, etc. However, have you ever encountered some problems or bugs while enjoying Spotify? For example, Spotify keeps crashing, Spotify songs are missing or Spotify is not working on Android, etc. This post will focus on solving the issues that you might meet on Spotify. Furthermore, we will provide you with an ultimate solution to enjoy Spotify music off even though Spotify Android app keeps crashing.

Part 1. Common Problems of Spotify Not Working on Android

In this part, 5 types of common problems will be listed, along with the solution. You can check the details below and try to fix the problem on your Android devices.

#1. Spotify Keeps Crashing

One possible culprit here is that your SD card in the device is not compatible with Spotify. If your device has an SD card, try to take it out and see whether Spotify runs properly. Check that the SD card is not carried from another device without being reformatted. The old data may cause the problem if the old data is not cleaned.

#2. Can't Log in Spotify with Facebook Account

It usually happens when Facebook's authentication is having a bit of a mood. The solution is to provide the same login details, but tapping on 'New User' instead of 'Existing User'.

#3. Premium Features Don't Work

If you pay to be a Premium for offline streaming and other privilege but find out that the Premium features don't exist, then make sure that you've logged in the right account, to which your subscription applies.

#4. Can't Add Offline Songs to Spotify

Spotify Android App Search Not Working Mac

There is a limit for Premium offline downloading, you can download and save up to 10,000 tracks. If you hit the limit, then you have to remove some of them before you add new ones. And you are able to download them to up to 3 devices with the same Spotify account.

#5. Spotify Songs are Missing/Deleted

If you have saved the songs to a specific playlist but fail to find them again, then the creator of that playlist may have deleted it or closed their account, meaning that it's no longer available on the service. Or if you find that the songs are greyed out, then the songs are not available either. This will happen if licensing agreements with the artist/labels, or ownership of rights has changed. It's hard to tell when the songs will reappear.

5 common problems mentioned above may have your puzzles included. Therefore, you can have a check on the solutions to make your Spotify work well again. Unfortunately, as an application, these problems on Spotify may occur from time to time. To solve this issue thoroughly, we'd better download and convert Spotify Music to local locations so as to prevent those bugs from influencing the experience of listening to music. Let' move to the next part, finding the best way to avoid Spotify keeping stopping on Android.

Part 2. Ultimate Solution to Spotify Not Working on Android

As we all know, if we download something to local locations, then we can transfer the files freely without the Internet connection. What if we are able to download and convert Spotify music on Android to MP3 format? TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will help us a lot in doing this task. It is a professional software that will ultimately help us get rid of the consequences of Spotify crashing on Android devices.

To download Spotify music freely without paying to be a Premium and get DRM-free tracks, which can be played without restriction and worrying the application crashing, we need to download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on the computer first. Next, download tracks on Spotify via TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and at last, transfer the tracks to Android devices with a USB cable. Let's see the details!

Step 1. Download and Launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Android Apps

Click the button below to download the right version for your computer.

Follow the instruction of installation, and then launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, the main interface is as followed:


#1. The trial version of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter enables you to convert the first 3 minutes of each song and as many tracks as you like. The registered version can download and convert the tracks for you without time or number limitations.

#2. Once you launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, the Spotify will be activated automatically. So, please make sure that your computer has installed Spotify in advanced.

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs

Click 'Add Files' to get into a new interface. you can either drag songs, playlists, albums, artists, tracks, etc. from Spotify to the converter, or copy the links of the contents that you like and past that into the search bar. To copy the links of Spotify music, you can go to Spotify and find the songs you are fond of, click the three-dot icon on the right side and the URL option will be in sight.

Step 3. Select Songs to Convert

Pick up the songs that you want to download and convert by ticking one by one or selecting all. Then click 'Add' again.

Spotify Android App Search Not Working Software

Step 4. Choose Output Format

Click 'Options' > 'Advanced' and choose an appropriate format for output audios. There are 4 formats for you to choose from, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. By the way, you can also adjust the conversion speed up to 5X.

Step 5. Choose Output Folder

Go to 'Options' > 'General' > 'Select…' and you are able to choose a path to save the songs on your computer. If you click 'Default', then the songs will be put into the default folder.

Step 6. Start Converting Spotify Songs

After finish all the necessary settings, click 'Convert' to start the progress.

Step 7. Transfer Music to Android Devices

Now you just need to wait a minute to have the songs converted to MP3 format. And then connect your Android devices to the computer with a USB cable. Finally, go to the folder that contains the converted songs and transfer them to Android devices.

Have you got the solution to Spotify not working on Android devices? In order to figure out the problem, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is highly recommended, because it avoids all the results caused by Spotify crashing and maintain the high-quality music for the users. Therefore, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the best assistant to download and convert Spotify music to Android devices.

Spotify Android App Search Not Working Iphone

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