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Are you searching for Spotify alternative for android? This article will help you by providing the details of top Spotify alternatives for streaming your favorite music from your Android devices.

List of Best Spotify Alternatives

What is the best alternative to Spotify? (eg if you're a music label you'll need this), but it's free to download as much and as often as you like. Pandora has an application on all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and WP7. In addition, it is available in numerous vehicles as an add-on, many with.

In these modern days everyone likes to get all their music form a single streaming source. There’s always best to distribute music from the artist to the audience. Spotify is the most popular music streaming service. But everybody thinks that Spotify is the best way but the monthly fee for Spotify music is expensive.

  1. Mobile Industry; Security Ebook. Achingly alternative. Their Spotify app is the latest in a line of innovative cross-platform connections that gathers curated playlists, albums.
  2. Spotify is the most popular music streaming service. But everybody thinks that Spotify is the best way but the monthly fee for Spotify music is expensive. We know that you are thinking like is there any other streaming music program similar to Spotify available. Of course there are number of free streaming music programs are available for you.
  3. How to utilize the free Spotify Premium feature on your Android mobile phone? The users need to access the Spotify official website to install the Spotify application on your Android mobile phone. You can just press on the option named “free trial for 30 days” to start. Now, you need to register for a Spotify account to utilize the service.

We know that you are thinking like is there any other streaming music program similar to Spotify available. Of course there are number of free streaming music programs are available for you. Here we are mentioning the top 8 Spotify alternatives for your android device.

1. Google Play Music

The Google Play Music is the excellent alternative for Spotify with almost 20 million available to access. It connects with Google+ very well, you can use it almost like a digital locker and store your own songs. When you’re signed in to the account you use on Google Play Music, you can listen to music on your computer or mobile device, Android TV etc.

You can make playlists and start radio stations based on your favorite artists or songs in your library. If you won’t see any ads or skip limits then you subscribe to Google Play Music.

2. Deezer Music

Deezer is an Internet-based music streaming service. This music streaming program allows users to listen to music content from record labels including Universal Music Group, EMI, Sony and Warner Music Group on various devices either online or offline. This service is available for Web, Android, OS X, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone Kindle Fire HDX, and Symbian.

It is a fantastic music website and provided to millions of songs and an app that is available on a variety of different platforms and devices. With this you can create endless playlists with your favorite artists, songs, albums & MP3s.

3. PlaYo

PlaYo is one of the best music app for Android. Through this app you can access to millions of songs at MP3 quality. It provides all types of music for listeners from rap to rock. It have a huge music library so you can find the genres you love and enjoy your playlists on every device. PlaYo gives you unlimited music. SoundCloud supplied all music and any other content which are accessible through PlaYo. It will continue to play music when minimized.

PlaYo has all the music you want, tune into thousands of online radio stations is the one of the key feature of this music app.

4. is a music website and it records the details of the tracks. When the user listens to, either from Internet radio stations, or the user’s computer or many portable music devices .Millions of people use to track the music they listen to from their favorite services. This music site can connect to most major music apps, and tracking what you listen and it allows you to simply select like or dislike on a track and teach the service your taste in music.

5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform which includes 150 million tracks. Here you can find the next big artists alongside chart-topping albums, live sets, and mixes for every occasion, because a number of artists and musicians constantly uploading new music in SoundCloud. You can upload your own music, and check out the latest releases from mainstream artists, and even discover new artists. Here you can interact with your favorite artists and connect with friends directly.

6. Tidal

Tidal is a subscription based music streaming service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos. It has over 48.5 million tracks and 175,000 music videos. Here you can watch more than 130,000 music videos and you can create your personal music collection as per your favorite. There is an excellent option for you that you can save albums and playlists offline, and bring your music with you anywhere using the offline mode for up to three devices.

7. Tuneln Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the different music streaming services. It is based on this idea of radio stations. It offers a wide selection of radio stations, podcast, audiobooks, music, and news. TuneIn allowing you to stream all of your favorite content and discover new music, too. For your offline listening you can download audiobooks and podcasts here.

Stream your favorite local radio stations and check out new AM & FM radio stations, including ESPN, BBC, NPR, CBS Radio, CNN, and WFAN etc, with this TuneIn Radio.

Above all are the Best Spotify Alternatives. If we missed any of the best Alternative for Spotify, tell us about them in the comments!

Spotify music is incredible except for the ads playing at intervals with no download function. However hard Spotify free users have done, the only way to get rid of the ads on Spotify is only to pay a monthly bill for the Spotify Premium. Hence, how to block ads on Spotify without Premium is increasingly vital for all the Spotify free users. And that is why we write this post here.


In this article, we have collected and are going to share some effective ways with you all to block ads on Spotify without Premium by yourself. And now, let's start with the first part of the tools for getting rid of Spotify ads.

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[Preface] Tools for Preparing to Get Rid of Spotify Ads

To get Spotify no ads, you shall begin with the following tools:

A. Proxy Switcher to Connecting to Proxy Server [Advanced Users]:

Developed by some developers, lots of tools or applications, like proxy switchers are available for Spotify free users to enjoy ads free without Premium in connecting to the proxy server way. Act like the services on your computer, it allows Spotify free users to get the ads free music on the Spotify app. Range from free to paid version, you need to get the tool that met your need. For your reference, we will introduce the way that we tested and worked on blocking ads on Spotify without Premium.

Why can users block ads by proxy switcher? Because a proxy switcher allows you to connect proxy servers, which is act as a computer that connects your desktop/laptop to another computer network service. In other words, you could be sitting in a country where Spotify hasn't launched yet and using tools to connect a proxy server you could still run Spotify.

B. Spotify Music Downloader for Ads Remover [Beginners]:

Except for using some tools for connecting to the proxy server, to enjoy Spotify Music without ads and premium, users also can skip ads on Spotify without Premium by downloading all the music with some Spotify Music Downloader. By using this way, some Spotify music beginners can easy to block ads on Spotify without Premium. For your reference, we will recommend the best Spotify music downloaders for Ads remover in the following part.

C. Spotify App [All users]:

No matter you are Spotify free users or the activated Spotify Premium users, Spotify app is required for no ads Spotify music enjoyment tour. If you are using the Spotify Web player to enjoy Spotify, please don't forget to download the Spotify app on your pc or Mac, so that you can start from this post to enjoy Spotify without commercials.

We will introduce the first tool first and then move on to the second tool. If you are the beginner but also want to give it a shot, please follow us. If not, you can skip to the solution 2.

Solution 1. Connecting A Proxy Server to Get Spotify without Ads Free

Here, we recommend the Elite Proxy Switcher, which is free but useable to block ads on Spotify without premium.

Following is the step-by-step guide for you to stop Spotify ads without premium.

Step 1. Download Elite Proxy Switcher.

Elite Proxy Switcher is a free program that allows you to change the Proxy Settings with one click. Click the link on the right side, to get the Elite Proxy Switcher downloaded.

Step 2. Install and Run Elite Proxy Switcher

With several minutes, you can finish the downloading task of the Proxy Switcher on your PC. Just following the whole installation to get the Elite Proxy Switcher installed on your PC. And then click to run it.

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Step 3. Copy and Paste the Proxy List into Elite Proxy Switcher

Having successfully launched the Elite Proxy Switcher, you might have noticed that the main interface of Elite Proxy Switcher is blank. How can you switch the IP address and port and then get Spotify Music without ads?

Here is the Free Proxy List that you can use and import to Elite Proxy Switcher. We highly recommend testing the IP address and port on the Elite Proxy Switcher first, due to the list is free to use.

Get Free Proxy List here:Free Proxy List.


Spotify Alternative Free Mobile Phones

When you have chosen your Proxy list, then copy it. Go to the Main interface of Elite Proxy Switcher, there is a '+' button, click to the button and then you can see the pop-up windows, then you paste the Proxy list and the Port to the Switcher. Double-click to the list that you have just successfully added, then you can go to the Spotify Music app to listen to Spotify without ads.

Note: If you don't want to use the Proxy Switcher, then please don't forget to switch the proxy back to the original state.

However, to enjoy Spotify without ads, there are some trouble exists. For example, it is hard for you to surf the Internet. And it needs to change the proxy repeatedly. Hence, we would like to give you the next solution.

Solution 2. Removing Spotify Ads without Premium By Spotify Music Downloader

To get rid of Spotify ads, you can make it by downloading the music and then remove all the Spotify ads off from the Spotify Music. Here we highly recommend the best Spotify Music Downloader, the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the ultimate software to download and convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC with few clicks. The ads will be removed at the time of converting and then you can upload Spotify music to iTunes, Google Play Music, etc. for listening. Also, the function of customizing music parameters are available, like bit rate, sample rate as you like.

[Four Steps] How to Get Rid of Ads on Spotify

Step 1. Download and Run TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Choose the corresponding version and then click to the Download Button to get TuneFab Spotify Music Converter downloaded. Following the whole installation of the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and then you will catch sight of the beautiful music symbol on the main interface of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

Step 2. Add The Spotify Music that You Want to Enjoy with Ads Free to Spotify Converter

In order to provide Spotify users with user-friendly services, TuneFab provides 2 ways to add the Spotify Music to the Spotify Music Converter.

# 1. Copy the Spotify Music link from the music that you want to make Spotify ad-free and then paste it onto the TuneFab main interface. Tick the checkbox in front of the song name, then you can select the music before converting the music.

# 2. Go to the Spotify, drag the whole music playlist and then drop it to the TuneFab main interface, then you can add the music for preparing to convert.

After adding, please don't forget to click the Add Button to confirm the whole adding process.

Step 3. Select the Music Parameters for Your Ads Free Spotify Music

For File Format, please go to the 'Options' > 'Advanced' to select the music parameters, like file formats, bitrate, sample rate and etc. There are various music file formats to choose and they are MP3, FLAC, M4A and WAV.

For File Folder, please click to the 'Options' > 'General', then you are able to set your personal file folder. You can let it be if you want to set the file folder as default.

Step 4. Click Convert to Get Ads Free Spotify Music

When you have set all the parameter done, you can move on this step. Just click to the Convert button then you can enjoy Spotify with Ads Free mode. Now, it is your turn to enjoy Spotify Music in ads-free way without Spotify Premium.

With the 2 ways listed above, you will start a brand new musical journey on listening to Spotify, and that is enjoying Spotify music with no ads for free, rather than subscribe as Spotify premium. Now, pick up one solution that meets your need and enjoy no commercials Spotify music. Cheers!

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