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Connect your Sony Walkman to the computer with the device’s USB cable, then copy and paste the converted Spotify music and playlists to your Sony Walkman directly. With the help of UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter, you can enjoy Spotify music on your Sony Walkman or other devices, such as iPod nano/shuffle, PSP/PS4, Kindle Fire, etc. Free download, install Recoverit SD Card Recovery app. Connect Sony Walkman to the computer and follow these three steps to retrieve audio files. Step 1: Choose a Location Launch the Recoverit music recovery software and select the location from where data loss has occurred. However, with the help of TunesKit Spotify Music Converter, you could not only download Spotify music to your local folders free but also start the free playback of Spotify music on Sony TV. Here you will find the answer on how to download Spotify music to your Sony TV for listening.

'I love collecting songs and then arranging them in albums. Once done, I listen to them on my Sony Walkman. But yesterday as I was transferring more tracks to my walkman, I used the 'Delete all' option, due to which I have lost plenty of files from the device. I have used many tricks to recover the files, but none of them worked. Anyone knows how to recover music from Sony Walkman. I'll appreciate the help. Thanks.'

Sony Walkman is a portable media player that fits your lifestyle effortlessly and lets you listen to music on the go. You can get this music player in various ranges of storage capacities and store tracks, as per your preference. However, there are times, when the deletion of music files from Sony Walkman takes place as explained in the above cases.

Read here everything you need to know about the Sony Walkman music player and how to recover music files from it through free audio recovery software.

Part 1. Overview of Sony Walkman Music Player

Sony Walkman is a portable music player that has revolutionized the way we listen to music. The Walkman keeps you free from wires and lets you listen to the music, while you run errands or move around the house. Some of them have an ambient sound mode, digital noise cancellation, while others offer you an enhanced sound quality.

However, it is an electronic device and consists of many fragile parts, which makes it prone to damage. It might also happen when you are listening to songs on your walkman, and it wriggles out of your hand and falls. Sometimes, the fall is so severe that software gets damages, and you end up losing all your mp3 songs.

Whether you have already experienced a song deletion scenario or deleted songs by mistake, you can recover music files with audio recovery software.

Part 2. How to Recover Music from Sony Walkman Music Player

Whether you have accidentally deleted music on your walkman or a format error has led to a deletion situation, you can always recover it with audio recovery software.

Recoverit Audio Recovery Software recovers your lost or deleted music from Sony Music Player with a recovery rate of more than 96%. This recovery software has an advanced deep scan algorithm that goes deeper into drive and scans all the files. It has a faster scan speed that is driven by a powerful built-in data analyzer engine.

If you are a Sony Walkman user, this software supports recovery from Sony WM series, A40 Walkman A series, WS series, and Walkman with built-in USB.

As stated, you can recover music from a Sony music player with audio recovery software, Recoverit. Free download, install Recoverit SD Card Recovery app. Connect Sony Walkman to the computer and follow these three steps to retrieve audio files.

Step 1: Choose a Location

Launch the Recoverit music recovery software and select the location from where data loss has occurred. Click on the start button to locate the files.

Step 2: Scan the Location

The Recoverit recovery app will start a quick scan of the selected drive for your music files.

Step 3: Preview and Recover

You can also preview the files before recovering them. Once you've selected all the files, just tap on the Recover button and the software will start recovering the files on your system.

Note 1: Make sure that you do not save any recovered data to the device from which it got last before.

Note 2: It's better if you preview them before you decide to recover deleted audio and video files.

Part 3. Troubleshooting of Sony Walkman Music Player

Sony Walkman mp3 player has a seamless operation, but there are instances when the music database seems to be deleted or damaged; you will hear an audible error message or a boot error comes up. However, there are fixes to them that work to give you an improved portable entertainment.

Here is how you can troubleshoot some common issues of Sony Walkman music player:

1. No Data Error Messages


The no data error message is displayed when the walkman is incapable of locating the media files (damaged database) or if additional storage devices are incompatible.


To check the music database, connect it to a computer, and use file management software.

  • If data is not displayed on the software interface, the data may be deleted. To continue using a walkman, transfer songs with any compatible software. Now, go to the software interface, play a song to confirm the transfer.
  • If data is displayed, but you are still getting an error, update your player's software to its latest version. For example Firmware version 1.03 resolves the no data error message.

2. Format Error


The formatting error occurs when you do not format the external card before uploading music to it.

But if you have already uploaded the music, all the saved data will be erased leading to format error.


To fix this issue, format or initialize the Walkman using the 'Format/Initialize' function built into your device. (Note: Formatting the memory of the device will erase the stored data. Make sure to backup your data before formatting.)

After the format, press the RESET or RESTART button to reset your device. If you use AC power, unplug it for 30 seconds, and plug it back in. But if your device still does not work, remove the power source and power of your device for 30 minutes.

3. Boot Errors


The boot error occurs when memory is formatted on a computer, or it was not formatted properly.

If you receive a message, is Format OK?, select Cancel.


Sony Walkman Download Spotify Music Converter

Connect the player to the computer and then go to My Computer.

  • In My Computer section, under other, look for your portable player. Right-click on the internal storage icon of the player and click Format from the menu. Click OK in the format, and then format the complete box.
  • Disconnect the player from the computer and press the power button to turn it ON. Press the selector button until the settings appear.
  • Press the Play/Pause button. Now, again the selector button until the format is highlighted.
  • Press the Play/Pause, and then selector button 'once' to highlight OK.
  • At last, test the player's functionality properly. If the error persists Once the player has finished setting up, the music library will appear on the display. Now, you can use your portable player easily.
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Part 5. Tips for Using Sony Music Player

As we know, Sony music player is a media player that keeps your source of entertainment with you, as you are on the move. Its MediaGo software helps you to find and organize media files and then plays them back on your Sony device.

Here are more tips that you need to know for operating Sony Music Player:

How Sony Music Player Works

Whether you want to listen to music at your workstation or while reading, you can use the Sony Walkman music player. You can transfer your favorite songs or albums to your device with MediaGo software or Windows media player.

Sony Walkman Download Spotify Playlists

To increase the battery performance, you can turn on the airplane mode or deactivate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. The atmosphere of music can be altered by adjusting the equalizer. But first, try listening to music with ClearAudio+.

To reset the walkman, press and hold the power button for 8 seconds.

The Music Formats of Sony Music Player

The music formats of Sony Music Player include MP3, WMA, AAC, Linear PCM, and HE-AAC.

Tips for Using and Recovering Sony Walkman

Here are tips that will make you enjoy your walkman more every day:

  • To boost the battery performance, deactivate the NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi functions.
  • To save the desired sound quality settings, select 'User-Defined' and then make equalizer settings. In case, if you select the preset setting, the new setting will overwrite the old one.
  • The RESET operation is available, even when the screen is off.
  • To prevent the deletion of the song, keep a backup on the cloud, USB storage, or an external drive.
  • In the case of music deletion, use Recoverit software for song recovery.


Sony Walkman Wireless Mp3 Player

Losing audio files from a Tascam recorder is quite common. Either it is accidental deletion, or a damaged device causes the same. There are instances when the deletion of voice recordings becomes inevitable.

Irrespective of how your music got deleted from your Sony Walkman music player, Recoverit recovery software is sure to help. The software is fast, easy to use, supports all the Walkman models, and retrieves the music data with a high recovery rate.

However, try to prevent the deletion of files by always keeping a backup on external storage. If no data error, format, or boot error leads to the loss of files, you can skim through the article, and look for the fixes.

But still, if the files get deleted, use Recoverit recovery software. It can recover deleted files in different formats, including voice recordings recovery.

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