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Records Spotify to mp3 without ads while it plays and includes media tags to the recorded files. Spotify Music Classification Dataset - A dataset built for a personal project based on 2016 and 2017 songs with attributes from Spotify’s API. 16 attributes, 1000 rows. Other resources: A whole newsletter of datasets, including ones like Wikipedia edits, most popular government webpages, and a database of glaciers.

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    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes
      Modifier and TypeInterface and Description
      static class PlayerApi.StreamType
    • Method Summary

      All MethodsInstance MethodsAbstract Methods
      Modifier and TypeMethod and Description
      Returns the state of the audio crossfade setting.
      Get the player state of the Spotify app Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1
      Pause playback if it's currently playing Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1
      CallResult<Empty>play(java.lang.String uri)
      CallResult<Empty>play(java.lang.String uri, PlayerApi.StreamType streamType)
      Play the given Spotify uri with specific behaviour for that streamtype - such as initiating playback of an URI on the audio stream for alarms.
      CallResult<Empty>queue(java.lang.String uri)
      Resume playback if it's currently paused Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1
      CallResult<Empty>seekTo(long positionMs)
      CallResult<Empty>seekToRelativePosition(long milliseconds)
      Seek to relative position in a track.
      CallResult<Empty>setPodcastPlaybackSpeed(PlaybackSpeed.PodcastPlaybackSpeed podcastPlaybackSpeed)
      CallResult<Empty>setRepeat(int repeatMode)
      Set repeat mode to repeatMode Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1
      CallResult<Empty>setShuffle(boolean enabled)
      Set the shuffle state Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1
      Skip to the next track in the currently playing context if there is one.
      Restart the current track or, if current track has played for less than 3 seconds, skip to the previous track in the currently playing context Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1
      CallResult<Empty>skipToIndex(java.lang.String uri, int index)
      Skip to track at specified index in album or playlist.
      Create a subscription for player state changes Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1
      Toggle repeat mode Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1
      Toggle the shuffle state Introduced in com.spotify.protocol.client.RequiredFeatures#FEATURES_V1

Toastify adds global hotkeys and toast notifications to Spotify.

This application uses SpotifyAPI-NET.

Github Spotify Downloader


  • Display the current playing track in a customizable toast-like popup
  • Global hotkeys for media actions (Play/Pause, Next/Previous track, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Seek Forward/Backward)
  • Compatible with the Microsoft Store version of Spotify

Spotify Api Github


  • Windows (7, 8/8.1, 10)
  • .NET Framework 4.5.*
  • Spotify


  • Download the latest release of Toastify from here.
  • Run “ToastifyInstaller.exe” to install Toastify.

Note: If you are updating from the original version of Toastify (v1.8.3), be sure to uninstall it completely before installing this version. You should also remove any file from the following directories, if they exist:

Github Spotify Ad Blocker

  • %LocalAppData%Toastify” (i.e. “C:Users{UserName}AppDataLocalToastify”)
  • %AppData%Toastify” (i.e. “C:Users{UserName}AppDataRoamingToastify”)


Spotify No Ads Github

  • Toastify is not a Spotify replacement. You need both running at the same time.
  • Windows 10: In the latest versions of Windows, SmartScreen will probably prevent the installer from starting, because it is not signed.
    You have two options: either Don’t run the installer and forget about Toastify, or click on More info and Run anyway.
    Whatever is your choice, I strongly advise you to not disable Windows SmartScreen — its warnings are meaningful.

    If you have any concerns, feel free to take a look at the code (it’s free ) and ask questions in the issues section.


I dedicate most of my free time to improving and keeping Toastify alive. Although absolutely not necessary, if you’d like to support me and the project, you can buy me a coffee!

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