Sim Only Deals With Free Spotify

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Monthly Plan Allowance Details. All Plusnet Mobile SIM-Only plans include:-UK calls to standard UK landlines (starting 01, 02, 03), 070 personal numbering services and UK mobiles, standard texts to UK mobiles and data use when in the UK and calls to standard landlines in the UK and Roam Like at Home destinations, 070 personal numbering services, UK mobiles and Roam Like at Home mobiles.

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(Pocket-lint) - Out of contract and looking to save some money on a like-for-like, or better plan? Perhaps you've ordered a new phone? Such as one of the new iPhone 12s, Google Pixel 4a, OnePlus Nord, Galaxy S20, Apple iPhone SE, Huawei P40 or P40 Pro?

Or how about an iPhone 11 or OnePlus 8? Either way, then you're in the right place for the best SIM Only deals.

Over the past few years, SIM contracts have seen something of a resurgence. These SIM Only deals allow you to move networks easily and give you great value for money; they're available either on a 12-month, or even rolling monthly plans.

These SIM-only arrangements are also ideal if your contract is up and you want to save money by not upgrading to a new phone. They're also great if you'd rather buy a mobile phone SIM free and just use EE, Vodafone, Three or O2 for connectivity.

The best SIM Only deals

On this page we'll bring you the best SIM only deals selected from EE, Three, Vodafone, O2, Giffgaff and more, all saving you the time and effort of hunting around for these very offers

The best deal for heavy data users

Three's famous unlimited data, minutes and texts is back for just £16 a month (was £22), on a 12 month plan with 5G and free roaming in 71 destinations. That's a great, great deal of data for all your streaming, web surfing and social media needs. View the offer

Sim Only Deals With Free Spotify Playlists

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There's an O2 SIM with a 150GB data, plus unlimited minutes and texts SIM on offer - priced at £20 a month. That's a good deal of data on a 12-month setup, and with free Disney+ access. See the deal

• EE has a time limited deal of 100GB data also priced at £20 a month. This too, has unlimited minutes and texts on a two-year setup. View the plan here

Best Spotify Deals

The best offer for medium data users

giffgaff has a 30-day 80GB SIM deal for £20 a month, with unlimited mins/texts. It runs off the O2 network, with 40GB of free data as that was the price for the 40GB offer. View the deal

Sim Only Deals With Free Spotify

Vodafone is offering a 100GB data allowance at £20 a month, with a speed cap of 10Mpbs. That still has unlimited mins/texts on a 12 month plan. View the deal

Smarty (running from Three) has a 50GB SIM plan for £12 a month. That's with unlimited minutes/texts where you also get a discount on any unused data (30-day). See the offer here

The best deal for low data users


ID Mobile (running from Three) has a good entry level plan with its 3GB of data for £6 a month (unlimited minutes and texts). That is a limited limied offer, and this 30-day plan also offers rollover for used data. View the deal

Sim Only Deals With Free Spotify Subscription

Vodafone has a good low entry deal, with 2GB of data for £6 a month. You'll also get unlimited minutes and unlimited texts (12-months). See the offer

Compare the best SIM only deals

Couldn't find a SIM deal above? Here you can compare all the best SIM only deals available right now. You can use the sliders and menus to choose the best deal that suits your needs.

Unlimited Music Streaming on Spotify is valid for new and existing customers and refers to zero local data charges applied when streaming music on the Spotify mobile app. Free music streaming on Spotify mobile app does not apply to banner advertisements, videos or music content accessed through the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Promotional subscription waiver applies until 31 December 2020, or such earlier date as determined by M1, after which the add-on will be automatically removed.

Add-on will only be effective from the time of activation and will not offset any excess data charges incurred prior to the activation time.

Add-on is applicable for local usage only. Add-on is not applicable for Data Passport or supplementary line’s usage.

Sim Only Deals With Free Spotify Account

All services are subject to M1 registration guidelines, General Terms and Conditions and other applicable specific terms and conditions available at In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms, such conflict or inconsistency shall, in the absence of any express agreement to the contrary, be resolved in a manner most favourable to M1, to the fullest extent permissible under applicable laws. M1 reserves the right to vary any term or condition. M1 will, where it is practicable to do so, give customers advance notice (which may be through written notice, electronic mail, letters, M1 website, bills or such other forms as M1 deems appropriate) of such changes.

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