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When it comes to the world of music, Spotify has almost all the tracks in its database you can wish for. However, due to licensing issues, there might be scenarios when you can’t find your favorite local music files in there. I am a fan of Bollywood music but there are many albums that are not available on Spotify due to same issue.

So when it came to listening to songs on Spotify mobile, either I had to stick to what was available or open the stock music player to play the songs that are saved in the internal SD card.

On desktop, import your local files (with the 'Desktop' steps). Add the files to a new playlist. Log in on your mobile or tablet using the same WiFi as your desktop. As a Spotify Premium user, you can download and enjoy all the Spotify music offline. If you want to sync Spotify Music from your PC or Mac, you just need Spotify App to finish it. And here is the specific tutorial on how to sync Spotify Music to Android through Spotify App. Step 1: Download and install Spotify on your PC or Mac if you have not. If you have Spotify Premium, it's pretty easy. All you have to do is sync your Spotify account to your mobile device and you can listen to your favorite tracks offline. Here is how to do it: Steps: 1. If you haven’t already, download the Spotify app on your PC. Launch the app and log in.

I was desperately looking for a way to sync local music files to a mobile device in a way Spotify would recognize and play them. After spending some time on the app and online forums I found a way to accomplish the task.

  1. Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Spotify is all the music you’ll ever need. Listening is everything - Spotify.
  2. The best thing about Vertigo Music is that it supports two of the most popular music streaming services namely Spotify and Apple Music and more. Use it to listen to the same track, sync music, and stream it either in the same room or in different corners of the world.

So let’s see how we can sync local music files to Spotify mobile app.

Spotify Mobile App Syncing

Step 1: First of all, we will have to import local music to Spotify desktop application. To do this, open the Spotify app on your computer and click on the Edit –> Preferences to open Spotify configuration.

Free Spotify Music App

Step 2: In preferences, look for Local Files and check the sources you want to show the local music from. You can directly add sources like Windows Media Player and iTunes library by simply checking the respective options. If you would like to add selective folders, click on the Add Source button and browser for the folder. Spotify will scan all the files and folders and the music files to Spotify.

Step 3: All the files you import to Spotify can be viewed and played from Local Files section under Collection in the sidebar. If you have too many files in your local repository, creating playlists from local files would be a great idea.

Step 4: Now connect your smartphone to the same wireless network and open the Spotify app. Make sure you are signed in using the same account that you are using on the desktop app and click on the Devices section under Main in sidebar. iPod users can use the cable to connect.


Spotify Music App Download

Android users facing problems in connection, make sure you have your device drivers installed on the computer and USB debugging mode is active under Android development settings.

Step 5: Once the desktop application identifies the connected device, it will show you a pop-up asking whether you would like to sync the device with Spotify. Click on the button to open the sync window.

Step 6: The app will list all the playlists you have created in your Spotify account along with local files you have imported from your hard disk. If you would like to sync the entire local library, check Local Files. The sync process will start instantaneously and all the tracks will sync to your iPod for offline playing.

The syncing might take time depending on the number of tracks you are trying to sync. Just make sure you don’t exceed the device capacity.


So that was how you can sync local files that you have purchased from different sources to the Spotify mobile app. As far as free users are concerned, I feel that you can listen to locally synced songs on your mobile. According to Spotify TOS, only on-demand mobile streaming requires premium account. As I am on a premium account, I cannot test the functionality for basic users, but I was hoping you guys can let me know if it works.

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