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Import iTunes playlist to Spotify Now let us get down to business and see how we can import any music album(s) or playlist(s) from iTunes to Spotify. First and foremost DOWNLOAD our app by going to our landing page and clicking on the button that says download. Launch iTunes Audio Converter on Windows. Click 'Add' button, then you will see a pop-up window which will show you all the iTunes folders. You can add iTunes playlists or songs you want to import to Spotify. 2 Set Preferences of iTunes Audio Converter.

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Spotify is very popular. Many people like to visit it to access to millions of songs. But it’s troublesome to visit it and search for the same songs again and again, isn’t it? Chances are you just want to download music streams from for more convenient playback, even offline. The solution you may think of is to download music from Spotify to iTunes. Well, how to do that?

Convert itunes playlist to spotify

Itunes Playlist To Spotify Waiting To Download Free

If you’re the one who want to download songs from Spotify to iTunes library, you’re luck here. In this article, I’ll introduce a one-click tool to help you rip from Spotify and save all your favorite Spotify music in great audio quality. And then, with one click, you’ll be able to transfer all Spotify audio files straight to iTunes library, even your MP3 player like iPod, iPhone and iPad etc.

They are iMusic and Streaming Auido Recorder (AllMyMusic for Mac). Just download the right version on your computer and have a try.

Part 1: Download Music from Spotify to iTunes with iMusic

iMusic - Music Manager, transfer and downloader for your iOS/Android Devices

  • Download/Record MP3 Music Directly
  • Download Music & Videos from 10,000+ Sites
  • Transfer Music Without Device Limitation
  • Complete your Entire Music Library
  • Fix id3 Tags, Covers
  • Delete Duplicate Song & Remove Missing Tracks
  • Manage Music without iTunes Restrictions
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • Burn Music to CD easily
  • Backup with one click
  • Share Your iTunes Playlist
  • Convert to compatiable format automaticlly
  • Replace m4p files to mp3 format
  • The Perfect Music Downloader for iOS & Android

Step 1. Download and Launch iMusic

Download and install iMusic from the above 'DOWNLOAD' button, then launch it on you computer. The software currently has two versions(Windows and Mac), but we will use the Windows version to illustrate in this article.

Step 2. Start downloading music from Spotify to iTunes directly

Simply right-click the 'Playlist' you want to download on the Spotify app or website and select 'Copy Playlist Link'. Of course, you can download a single song or artist from Spotity as well.

Then, paste the link in Download module of GET MUSIC in iMusic, after that, click the Download icon.

You can easily find the Spotify music in the ITUNES LIBRARY. The music will automatically to iTunes and you don't transfer it manually.

Export Spotify Playlist To Itunes

Part 2: Download Music from Spotify Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 1. Install and run the spotify downloader

Download this program from the above link and install it. After installation, launch it to get ready.

Itunes Playlist To Spotify Waiting To Download Pc

Step 2. Start to rip music from Spotify

After you launch this smart spotify to itunes converter, you need to access or Spotify app and then find the Spotify music you want to transfer to iTunes. After that, you need to click the red Record button on the top-left corner of this app’s main interface. And then go back to the website to play the Spotify music online. Immediately, you can see that it is starting to record the Spotify music. Once the recording is done, you can get a Spotify MP3 file in this app’s library. If necessary, you can also stop the recording process as long as you click the 'Record' button again.


Step 3. Convert Spotify to iTunes

Now, you can start to transfer the downloaded Spotify music to iTunes for collection or sync Spotify to iPod, iPhone or iPad later. To do it, you can right click the Spotify audio track in its library and choose the Add to iTunes option.

Note: In order to ensure the Spotify music can be completely recorded without being interrupted, you must make the Spotify music play smoothly in the process of recording.

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