How Do You Download Spotify On Your Tv

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  2. How To Download Songs Spotify
  3. How Do You Download Spotify On Your Tv App
  4. How To Use Spotify On Computer
  5. Where Do Spotify Downloads Go
  6. How Do You Download Spotify On Your Tv Subscription

Download Spotify song or playlist with Siri Shortcuts. If you are using an iOS device, you probably. Spotify is launching a new-and-improved app for Samsung smart TVs, promising both paid and free users a better way to access music. The app itself isn't that interesting, but the fact that Spotify.

“Can I get Spotify on Roku TV now? I know that previously Roku TV had the support of Spotify. However, Roku removed Spotify from its streaming boxes in December 2017. Is there any information on when Spotify will return to Roku? When will Spotify going to be available on Roku again? How do you get Spotify on Roku TV? Do I need to download Spotify songs for Roku TV or can I directly get Spotify on Roku now? Please show me how to do this.”

Such questions are not rare on both Roku and Spotify communities. People who listen to Spotify a lot have the needs of streaming Spotify songs over Roku TV. If you happen to wonder how to get Spotify on Roku, this guide would be exactly what you need. We would like to provide effective solutions to help you listen to Spotify songs over Roku TV.

Part 1: Brief Introduction to Spotify and Roku

It’s necessary to know what Spotify and Roku are before we could go any further. As one of the biggest online streaming services, Spotify provides millions of music, podcasts and audiobooks of artists all over the world to worldwide customers. It has both Free and Premium subscription services, both of which enable you to browse and search desired music, create stations and playlists, get recommendations from custom features like Discover Weekly, see what your friends and others are listening to, etc. The differences between Free plan and Premium plan lie in that the Free plan comes with ads, while the Premium plan has ads-free streaming service, allows you to set Spotify songs into Offline Mode for offline listening on no more than 3 devices, but costs you $9.99 per month. Spotify is now available on multiple platforms via Spotify Connect feature.

On the other hand, simply put, Roku allows you to watch free and paid video content on your TV via the Internet. TV and Movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube and more are loaded on the Roku similar to how apps are loaded onto a smartphone. Roku TV delivers the best smart TV experience on the market, with a simple, responsive user interface, thousands of apps and constant feature upgrades.

Previously, Roku had Spotify included. However, in 2017, Roku removed support for Spotify, which had brought quite great inconvenience. The latest news from Roku officials is that since October 31st, 2018, the world’s most popular music streaming service made its highly anticipated return to Roku players and Roku TVs. Therefore, you could now actually directly get Spotify on Roku TV. In the below content, we would like to show you different ways to get Spotify on Roku TV.

Part 2: How to Add Spotify onto Roku TV

As mentioned above, you could now actually add Spotify on your Roku TV easily. Installing or reinstalling Spotify on Roku TV is very simple. Both paid Spotify subscribers and free users can install the updated app on to their Roku devices. The below steps would show you how to get Spotify on Roku app and device respectively.

1. How to Add Spotify From Your Roku Device

To stream Spotify over Roku TV now, you can use your Roku remote for a device or your TV remote for a Roku TV to navigate your Roku and install the Spotify app from the Roku Channel Store.

1. On your Roku home screen, search for and select Streaming Channels.

2. Search for the Spotify app.

3. Select the Spotify app, then select “add channel”.

4. Enter your PIN if you are asked to.

5. Select “add channel” again to confirm.

6. The newly added Spotify app will be at the bottom of your channel list.

7. Once Spotify is on your Roku TV, you can easily navigate to it from your remote and stream music, music videos, and other content on the app.

You could see how easy it is to add Spotify from the Roku devices now.

2. How to Add Spotify from the Roku App

You can also use the Roku mobile app to install Spotify. Any changes you make from the mobile app should automatically show up on your TV home screen.

1. Open the Roku app on your smartphone and select Channel Store.

2. Search for 'Spotify' or browse the Channel Store to find the Spotify app.

3. Select the Spotify app, then select add channel.

4. Enter your PIN, if prompted.

5. With your Roku remote, go to the Roku home page on your TV to find the newly added Spotify app at the bottom of your channel list.

The operations are quite similar for adding Spotify app from Roku devices and Roku app. No matter you are a free or Premium subscriber, you could easily stream Spotify songs over Roku TV as you like.

As mentioned above, Spotify Free plan streams with ads, while Spotify Premium plan streams without ads but costs $9.99 per month. Is there any way to get Spotify songs onto Roku TV without listening to the ads and paying $9.99 per month? Check the below solutions.

Part 3: How to Get Spotify onto Roku TV with Leawo Prof. DRM

Leawo Prof. DRM, which features with a professional Spotify DRM removal and Spotify music downloader, could help you easily download and convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC files, so that you could then freely import the downloaded Spotify songs to Roku TV as you usually do for importing local files to Roku TV for playback for unlimited ads-free offline listening, no matter you are using Spotify Free or Spotify Premium plan.

Download and install Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer. The below steps would show you how to download and convert Spotify songs for streaming over Roku TV.

Note: You need to download and install Spotify app on your computer. Make sure you have logged in with your Spotify ID account and password.

Step 1: Open Leawo Spotify DRM Remover

Launch Leawo Prof. DRM and then click the “Spotify DRM Remover” option. Spotify app would then be automatically launched or relaunched.

How To Download Spotify On Your Samsung Smart Tv

Step 2: Add Spotify music to Spotify DRM Remover

Then, directly drag and drop Spotify songs to Spotify DRM Remover for downloading and converting.

Or, you could also copy and paste the URL of Spotify playlist or album for downloading directly. Just click “Add Files” button, copy and paste URL of Spotify playlist or song here and then click “OK” button.

Step 3: Set output format and audio quality

Click the pencil icon in each loaded Spotify music title to enter the “Edit” panel. You could then choose output format from MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc. in the “Format” box and adjust audio parameters including Channel, Sample Rate, and Bit rate. Click “Apply to All” button afterwards for time saving.

Step 4: Set output directory

How Do You Download Spotify On Your Tv

After setting output format and parameters, set output directory in the “Output” box to save final downloaded Spotify music files.

Step 5: Start to download and convert Spotify songs

Finally, press the blue button “Convert” at the bottom right to start to download Spotify music and convert Spotify songs to DRM-free audio files.

The DRM removal happens in the background. After the downloading and conversion completes, you could then transfer the downloaded Spotify songs to Roku TV for unlimited ads-free offline streaming.

Besides acting as a Spotify DRM Remover to download and convert Spotify songs to DRM-free audio files, Leawo Prof. DRM is also a comprehensive DRM removal and converter tool that could help you convert iTunes DRM M4V video to DRM-free MP4 video, convert iTunes DRM M4P music to DRM-free MP3 file, convert iTunes/Audible audiobooks to DRM-free audiobooks, and convert eBooks from Kindle, Kobo and Adobe Digital Edition.

Part 4: How to Get Spotify to Roku TV with TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader

How To Download Songs Spotify

Besides, you could also try TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader to download and convert Spotify songs to DRM-free audio files for Roku TV or other Roku devices you have. TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader is quite similar to Leawo Prof. DRM in Spotify music downloading and converting. It could also help you remove DRM protection upon Spotify songs, download Spotify songs and then convert Spotify songs to DRM-free audio files for streaming over Roku TV freely.

The below steps would show you how to download and convert Spotify songs for Roku TV and other Roku devices.

1. After launching TunesKit Spotify Converter, it will load Spotify app automatically on your computer. Then log into your Spotify account and browse the store to find out the songs or playlists you want to download. Drag them to TunesKit main window.

2. Navigate to top menu - Preferences to select the output format from AAC, M4A, MP3, M4B, FLAC and WAV.

3. Meanwhile, on the same interface, customize the output audio quality, including codec, bit rate, sample rate, conversion speed, etc.

4. Then, set the output directory at the bottom in the 'Output' drop-down box.

5. Now click Convert button at the bottom right to let the program begin to download the Spotify tracks.

After downloading and converting Spotify songs, now you could freely add Spotify to Roki TV or other devices in the way as you usually do. Then, you will be able to listen to Spotify songs on Roku TV freely.

Part 5: A Comparison between Above Solutions

The below table would show you the differences and features of the 3 solutions mentioned above.

Leawo Prof. DRM

TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader

Spotify app on Roku

Play Spotify music over Roku




Play Spotify music over other speakers




Download and convert Spotify music




Convert iTunes DRM video, music and audiobooks




Convert Audible audiobooks




Convert eBooks from Kindle




Convert eBooks from Kobo




Convert eBooks from Adobe Digital Editions




Retain subtitles and audio tracks for iTunes videos




Select audio parameters




Download and install




Music Player

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5. Festival Music Play

With the ever advancing software industry, a lot is changing in how we interact with the world. This has terrifically transformed communication and entertainment is terrific in the contemporary world. Thanks to the emergence of amazing application such as Spotify which have been successfully integrated to other useful gadgets such as smart TVs. Spotify being on the forefront has launched an app for smart TV to enable both free users and premium users to stream and download their favorite Spotify songs on the smart TVs void of difficulties. In this article, we are gonna share how to use Spotify on Apple TV and Samsung TV.

How Do You Download Spotify On Your Tv App

Are you an avid music listener and in need of playing your songs using Spotify on Apple TV? New Apple TV is already in market but Spotify is nowhere to be found despite having variety of apps on its App Store. However, with either Mac or iOS device you can use Airplay with just simple workaround to have it on your TV.

Get Spotify on Apple TV:

Option 1: Using Mac, this function is supported by OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 and above.

Step 1. Tab to run the Airplay icon located in the top right-hand side of your Mac’s menu bar.

Step 2. When Airplay is opened, select Apple TV device. After which you will be able to see your computer screen mirrored on your TV.

Step 3. Now, when your Mac is still mirrored on your TV, click Spotify app to launch and begin playing your best-loved songs. Your TV speakers will be used to play your music.

Option 2: Using iOS Device, Airplay is easier on iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Step 1. Click Spotify app icon on your iOS device to open. Then choose your favorite song to play and then hit the now playing bar.

Step 2. Click on “Devices available” which is located at the bottom of the screen then also tap on “More Devices” and select Apple TV as your AirPlay device.

How To Use Spotify On Computer

Remember before you start using either of the two methods, ensure AirPlay on the Apple TV is enabled and also connected to the same WiFi network as your Mac or iOS device.

Get Spotify on Samsung TV:

Is your Samsung smart TV a 2015 to current model and is running the Tizen operating system (version 2.3 and above)? And also you have a device with spotify already successfully installed? If yes, stick to this super easy detailed set-up guide to know how to get Spotify on Samsung Smart TV.

Step 1. Switch on your Samsung smart TV and on your TV's home screen navigate to the Samsung apps, here search for “Spotify” which is located under search-friendly category like Music or Lifestyle. Click on the “Download” button then install and launch it. Tap to open spotify app on your device such as phone, tablet or laptop.

Step 2. You can either stream online your favorite music or play songs which you already dowloaded for offline use. On the bottom of the screen tap “Devices Available“ button. Then select your Samsung TV.

Where Do Spotify Downloads Go

Now you can start listening your music on your TV. Note that both your samsumg TV and the device you using are connected on the same WiFi network.

Part 2. How to Download Spotify Music to Enjoy Offline

You probably have been hunting for the best Spotify music downloader without fruition or found an unsatisfactory tool somewhere. However, if you got iMusic downloader tool then you are better placed to understand what a fascinating music experience all means. iMusic is actually a top-notch complete software that can download, stream, play, share, and transfer music across various hot devices with hardly any problems. Simply grasp the content and the know-how tricks and you won’t find a need for a third party tool. As a matter of fact, there are millions of devotees who have considered iMusic as an indispensable tinker tool owing to the long list of exceptional features.

iMusic - 1 Click to Download Music from Spotify and Other 3000+ Sites

  • Discover numerous thousands of songs from innumerable artists. Thanks to the amazing search function which executes the search process by song’s genre, an artist’s name, the song name or a playlist.
  • Download their favorite songs, playlists, from 3000 sites. In fact the program provides direct access to some of these sites via the respective links within the program interface.
  • Record feature brings to live possibility of recording a live session such as streaming radio station over the internet.
  • Compatible with almost all devices and operating systems making its super easy to transfer songs, playlists, Podcasts, TV Shows and iTunes U between iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc.
  • Easily fix any problems related to your iTunes library. These include mislabeled songs, broken tracks, duplicate songs, and dead tracks among others.
  • Enable users to create a backup of their current library so that it can be easily restored in case there is a loss of files or purchase of a new system.

How to download Spotify music with iMusic

Step 1. Download and install iMusic

How Do You Download Spotify On Your Tv Subscription

Go to the iMusic download page and download the latest version of iMusic software. Once downloaded, go to the set up file and install it in your computer. After successful installation, just go to the program’s icon and tab to display the main window. Select the “Get Music” tab and select the “Download” button.

Step 2. Copy the URL and Start to Download Spotify

After clicking the download button, you will be able to see a copy and paste box at the center of the program’s interface and a host of popular online sites such as YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, Vevo, and DailyMotion among others. You can open your browser and go to Spotify, search the song you would like to download and copy its URL link. Once copied, go back to the program and paste the link in the copy and paste URL box. Alternatively, you can simply click on “Spotify” to access the site. Just like using the browser, simply search the respective song, copy its URL and paste within the copy and paste box in iMusic.

After pasting the URL within the copy and paste box, select the target output format. The options provided are mp4 and mp3. Once satisfied with your selections, hit the “Download” button beside the paste box. The download process would automatically commence. Wait for the program to complete downloading your track.

Step 3. Transfer Downloaded Spotify to Apple TV or Samsung Smart TV

Connect your USB device to the right port on your computer. If the program successfully detects this device, its information is displayed on the interface. To access this information, just hit the “DEVICE” tab at the top of the main window.

In case you USB stick has some music, the program would simply display them on the screen. Navigate to the top right corner of the program’s screen and hit the “+” icon. This would open the files explorer window where you shall locate the Spotify downloaded songs. Select the respective songs and finally hit the “Open” tab to add these songs to the USB song list.

Accessing and listening to Spotify on smart TV is definitely one of the awesome creation of the century. Fortunately, this feature is has here for us to enjoy and make life better. Listen to your favorite Spotify songs and playlists on smart TV today and be part of the overwhelming smart community.

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