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Update, November 1, 2018 (9:32AM EST): Spotify updated its website with more specific information about the free Google Home Mini promotion described below. As expected, all U.S.-based master account holders with a Spotify Premium for Family subscription are eligible for a free Google Home Mini — this includes both current subscribers and new subscribers.

SPOTIFY PREMIUM users were offered the chance to order a free Google Nest Mini smart speaker this week - getting a cool £49 off the price of the AI-powered gadget. But if you didn't realise this. How to Play Spotify music offline on Google Pixel without Premium. Google Pixel series has reached the 4th version - Google Pixel 4 from $699 and Google Pixel 4 XL from $749. Motion Sense, an evolved camera, and the new Google Assistant make Pixel 4 Google's most helpful phone yet. A few months ago, we announced that eligible existing Premium Individual and Premium Family master account users in the U.S. Could get a Google Home Mini while supplies lasted, introducing households to a new, exciting way to enjoy music at home. For a limited time.

If you are already a subscriber, click here. You’ll be told to sign in and then you’ll be taken to a page where you can request a promotional code. The code will allow you to “buy” a Google Home Mini from the Google Store, and the code will effectively make the device free.

If you are not already a Spotify Premium for Family subscriber, click here and start a subscription. During the subscription process, you’ll be told about the promotional code described above and will eventually receive one which can be used at the Google Store in the same fashion.

Spotify is back this year, gifting users of its premium tier subscription with a free Google Home Mini. The same thing happened last year, but unlike then, folks on an individual plan (and not.

According to the terms and conditions of the promotion, some purchasers will be selected at random and will have to pay shipping costs. Others will get the Google Home Mini totally free.

There is nothing in the terms and conditions about keeping the Mini for a certain amount of time, meaning you could subscribe, get the Mini, and then unsubscribe — effectively earning you a smart speaker for $14.99.

If you want to take advantage of the promotion, get on it fast just in case there are a limited amount of these promotional codes!

Original Article, October 31, 2018 (11:38AM EST): Today, Spotify announced it is giving away Google Home Mini smart speakers to some of its subscribers. Best of all, this isn’t a new sign-up bonus — current subscribers are eligible as well.

The Spotify Google Home Mini giveaway starts tomorrow, November 1, 2018, and goes until December 31, 2018. That means for two months everyone who has a Spotify Premium for Family account in the United States gets a free Google Home Mini, just like that.

Free spotify premium on google pixel 4

Although we haven’t been able to read the fine print since the promotional period hasn’t yet started, Spotify’s announcement about the promotion doesn’t mention any strings or limitations. From what the company discloses, all you have to do is be a United States resident, sign up for Spotify Premium for Family (or already be signed up), and boom: you get a free Google Home Mini.

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Obviously, there has to be some sort of caveats to this promotion. After all, theoretically, you could sign up for one month of Spotify Premium for Family (currently $14.99 per month), get your Google Home Mini, and then unsubscribe. Doing so would get you a Google Home Mini for $14.99, which doesn’t seem realistic.

We will keep an eye on the promotional page going live tomorrow and update this article should we figure out what the limitations actually are.

Spotify, Google Assistant, and the line of Google Home hardware products already play very nice together. You can use voice commands to request Spotify tracks and you can even set Spotify as your default music provider within Google Assistant and Google Home. It’s likely this promotion is more about getting more people to adopt the Google Home ecosystem than it is about netting new Spotify subscribers.

Are you a Spotify Premium for Family account holder in the United States? Will you be grabbing a free Google Home Mini tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

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We’re bringing back our Google Home Mini offer—and making it available to even more users.

Let’s repeat that and take it in: eligible Premium Individual and Premium Family master account users in the U.S—both new and existing—can get a Google Home Mini while supplies last. Starting today, October 22. For free.

Last year weunveiled this offer for Spotify Premium for Family users, introducing households to a new, exciting way to enjoy music at home. Now we’re offering it for our users with individual plans. Streaming your favorite tunes and music playlists has never been so easy—or hands-off.


Spotify Premium users truly getthe best Spotify has to offer, with an ad-free music listening experience that allows you to play any song or playlist; enjoy unlimited skips; download content to your heart’s content; and easily toggle between your devices—includingyour car and your Google Home Mini.

So get grooving by setting Spotify as the default music player on your device. You can just say something like “Hey Google, play Disco Forever playlist” or “Hey Google, play Party in your Living Room playlist on Spotify.”

Free Spotify Premium On Google Pixel 4

And it gets better – we’re also looking forward to rolling out new features with Google that make it even easier to discover and listen to Spotify via Google Home Mini and other Assistant powered devices.

With the Spotify Premium Family plan, up to six family members in the same household can enjoy individual Premium accounts with that same on-demand access to hours of content. Plus, werecently introduced some upgrades to the Family Plan, including Parental Controls, Family Mix, and Family Hub.

Through our streaming capabilities and unique partnerships, Spotify Premium offers an unparalleled experience: an entire world of entertainment at an unbeatable price. Our renewed offer with Google Home Mini is another way we’re giving users access to music, anytime, anywhere, now with a better experience in the home through the magic of voice.

Free Spotify Premium On Google Pixel 2

Ready to go “Home?” New and current Spotify Premium Family and Individual account owners can claim a Google Home Mini by signing up at or while supplies last.

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