Do You Still Get Free Hulu With Spotify

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  1. Do I Still Get Free Hulu With Spotify
  2. How To Get Hulu With Spotify
  3. Do You Still Get Free Hulu With Spotify Premium
  4. How Long Do You Get Free Hulu With Spotify

If you aren't able to re-verify because you are no longer enrolled at a qualifying institution, you will have to pay full price to maintain your subscription. The regular Spotify premium account still comes with free access to Hulu, but it does cost about twice as much as a student account.

With back to school season upon us, students are stocking up on all they need to thrive at school. Though they may have busy schedules and tight budgets, they still want to keep up with their favorite shows and music. That’s why today, we’re announcing an upgraded Spotify Premium for Students plan, and giving students unrivaled access to world-class content for one low price.

Our current Spotify Premium for Students plan offers unlimited and on-demand access to all of our music and podcasts for $4.99, as well as a subscription to Hulu’s streaming library of current and fan-favorite TV and movie hits. Today we’re adding SHOWTIME to the plan, to let students enjoy even more award-winning, top-rated programming – all at the same low price and with the simplicity of one single bill. How’s that for an A+?

With the addition to the Spotify Premium for Students plan, students will have unlimited access to thousands of hours of SHOWTIME’s premium entertainment content. The shows run the gamut from original TV series – including Emmy® nominated Shameless, seven-season strong Homeland, Sacha Baron-Cohen’s Who Is America, Lena Waithe’s much anticipated The Chi, the upcoming comedy series Kidding starring Jim Carrey, and the semi-autobiographical SMILF, as well as Billions, Ray Donovan, The Affair, and Twin Peaks.

SHOWTIME’s library also includes blockbuster movies such as Girl on the Train and Baby Driver, in addition to live telecasts, music, comedy and political shows and documentaries, and sports programming, including SHOWTIME Championship Boxing. Spotify Premium for Students subscribers with SHOWTIME will also have access to the live telecast of the network’s East and West Coast feeds, as well as commercial-free access to all their shows, whether they’re watching on-demand or downloading for later.

Student Premium subscribers can of course already enjoy Hulu’s library of acclaimed Original Series, includes Emmy® and Golden Globe Award-winning series The Handmaid’s Tale, The Looming Tower, Marvel’s Runaways and Castle Rock; as well as current-season television like This is Us and Rick & Morty, hit movies and exclusive library series, including Family Guy, Lost, ER and more.

Spotify Premium has just changed the content game for students. By joining forces with SHOWTIME and continuing our relationship with Hulu, Spotify Premium is now able to give students a complete world of music and video content, shows and film. This latest offer for U.S. students—both the millions already on Spotify Premium and those who are new—really is huge. Never before have students had this level of streaming entertainment options, at this unprecedented value, all in one package.

Alex Norström, Chief Premium Officer, Spotify

In order to sign up, students should go to The updated plan—which includes Spotify Premium, Hulu, and SHOWTIME—is still only $4.99 per month. You don’t have to be a math major to see how that one adds up.

Existing Spotify Premium for Students subscribers should upgrade their plan to include both Hulu and SHOWTIME at no additional cost. And because we know students have plenty of other things they want to spend their money on—textbooks, for example 😉 —we’re offering the service to new subscribers for just $0.99 for the first three months.

Like all good students, you probably have some questions about the nitty gritty. Now’s the time to study up.

1. Can I get this offer if I am not already a Spotify Premium for Students subscriber?

Absolutely. You can easily sign up for the Spotify Premium for Students Plan at

2. If I already have the Spotify Premium for Students with Hulu plan, how do I get Showtime?

You’ll have immediate access to SHOWTIME as a pre-existing Spotify Premium for Student user. Simply upgrade your account and activate SHOWTIME

3. How do I know if I’m eligible?

All U.S. college students enrolled at Title IV accredited institutions are eligible to participate.

4. If I have SHOWTIME or Hulu already, can I pair them?

You will not be able to pair an existing SHOWTIME or Hulu account and your Spotify Premium for Students plan. To access SHOWTIME or Hulu through the Spotify Premium plan, cancel your current SHOWTIME or Hulu subscription and then sign up for Spotify Premium for Students.

Do I Still Get Free Hulu With Spotify

5. Do I get one login/username for all three apps?

You will need to set up three separate accounts, one for each service.

6. What devices can I use?

No matter how, where, or when you stream, Spotify, SHOWTIME, and Hulu are available on their respective apps across all your devices—TV, tablet, phone, and computer.


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Get Free Premium Hulu Accounts To Watch Free Movies & TV

Contrary to popular belief, getting free Hulu accounts is still possible, after wasting hours on many outdated videos & Hulu account generators, I assure you that only these 4 legit methods work. Read on to get your free Hulu Plus accounts.

The entertainment industry has undergone a mind-blowing revolution in the last 10 years especially with the explosive growth of technological innovation and the internet in particular.

We find ourselves in the prime age of online video digitization ownership which has been steered and championed for at least a decade now by Hulu and Netflix.

These amazingly popular platforms offer the best streaming experiences nowadays with the content library of Netflix made of the widest variety of movies and so many old TV shows.

Meanwhile Hulu’s approach is much different as it offers a smaller selection of movies while focusing on extensive coverage for TV shows, their promos, samples and even interviews about them.

Hulu has made its name across the globe by succeeding to be the one-stop for so many current and past shows as well as other video content from leading companies like NBC Universal, FOX, ABC, CW, Criterion, Univision, Lionsgate, A & E, Comedy Central, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, TED, Paramount, National Geographic, CBS, Disney, MTV and so on.

Access to all these interesting videos comes with a Hulu Plus Premium account subscription which is from $7.99 to $39.99 per month. Subscribers get the freedom of making their own selections and preferences on the available content.

We will be looking at some of the best ways of enjoying the free Hulu premium streaming experience without necessarily making that credit card payment.

1. Activate the Free Hulu plus 30 Days Trial Without Credit Card

This easy method of getting free access to your favorite TV shows and movies on for at least 30 days involves following the normal registration process on the website.

  • After launching the website, choose the ‘’START YOUR FREE TRIAL’’ option at the center or top right corner of the homepage.
  • You will be directed to the next page where you have to choose any of the three available plans. They all offer the first month for free.
  • Your registration wouldn’t be complete without you entering payment details. If you have a Credit Card, go ahead and fill in the details before clicking submit.
  • If you don’t have a Credit Card or you aren’t quite comfortable with entering the details of yours, select ‘’Express Options’’ and you will be presented with many other payment options such as PayPal.
  • You have 30 days to enjoy the amazing Hulu experience from your free Hulu accounts.

If you want to cancel your account before the trial period is over so that Hulu may not charge your credit card for the next month, please Sign In to you account, head to the Account section and there you will see “Cancel My Subscription” button.


Please click it and you Hulu account will be closed.

Subscribing With Free Virtual Credit Card

If you want to use a virtual credit card to make trial accounts on Hulu, Netflix or other platforms, you can always use a free credit card. For free credit card click this link.

There you will be able to get free Visa, Master Cards and American Express for various subscriptions and you won’t be charged from your personal Credit Card.

2. Free Accounts with Browser Extension

The EDIT THIS COOKIE browser extension is quite popular for acquiring free working Hulu plus accounts.

This method isn’t quite static or standard as the websites which are often used with the extension are constantly being updated and these changes often require certain updates in the procedure as well.

At the moment, following the steps below gets you free access to a Hulu plus account though it often takes relatively longer than normal to move through some of the page loads.

  • Launch your browser, and then click on the menu button, followed by settings, and extensions.
  • 2. Click on get more extensions, so as to open the browser’s webstore for example CHROME.
  • 3. In the webstore, make sure extensions is highlighted and then search EDIT THIS COOKIE. Add the second option on your results list which should indicate as offered by com. This will add a brown cookie icon on your browser.
  • 4. With your extension added, go to where the process will continue. This website is constantly being updated and you should make sure every webpage you open up is fully loaded before moving from one step of the procedure to the next.
  • Also, often has annoying redirects for every click and you have to be patient enough to close them every time they pop up.
  • 5. Type and search Hulu in the search bar of and wait until the page is fully loaded.
  • 6. Click SHOW COOKIE, often beside cookie and a corresponding date. A huge chunk of gibberish-like characters should pop up.
  • 7. Copy all the displayed characters and exit from the website to
  • 8. After loading the website, click on your newly added cookie icon on your browser, and then click on import.
  • 9. Paste the characters you had copied and click the little check button at the bottom of the import area.
  • 10. The next page might take a while to load, but make sure you wait until it does.

When a different pop up appears in the import box area, you will only have to refresh the page and it will take you to your all-new free Hulu plus account where you can set your preferences and get the best TV shows and movie streaming experience. You may have to do the last refresh more than once.

How To Get Hulu With Spotify

Pro Tip : Enjoy faster streaming and record your favorite shows, movies and web series on HULU from anywhere on any device with powerful Hosted OBS VPS hosting on a Citrix Xendesktop VDI from Apps4Rent with top-notch technical support.

3. Get Working Free Accounts at this forum

You must have seen many websites offering free Hulu accounts which may not have worked for you. always has them in their numbers and acquiring them is free, only requiring that you follow the procedure below…

Launch the to website and create an account after checking to ensure you are working on the full version. You wouldn’t be able to use any of the features on this site without registration.

You can use a temporary email from to process your registration if you don’t want to use to active email.

  • After creating and verifying your account, sign in and you will be open to all the features of this forum.
  • 2. Scroll down to find and click on LEAKS.
  • 3. Scroll down and click on MOVIE WATCHING SITE DUMPS.
  • 4. You will be directed to a page with so many movie watching site dumps from which you will have to click any one with Hulu in its name. Here, you may also find tons of Netflix’s, Crunchyroll and others.
  • 5. Clicking on any which says Hulu will show up hidden content boxes will only be visible when you type and post something related to that topic. In this case ‘’ANYTHING’’.
  • 6. After typing and posting any keys on your keyboard you will most definitely be taken to page 2 of the results. Go back to page 1 and you will see a whole bunch of freeHulu accounts and their passwords.
  • 7. Some of these accounts do not work anymore, so you may have to try a few before getting your full Hulu account login details without necessarily paying a dime.
  • 8. All you have to do at this point is launch to the website, and start trying to sign in with the details provided in the results shown in your account.
  • 9. When you get in with a working account, you can then go ahead and create or add your new profile with a Profile Name of your choice, an appropriate or allowed date of birth and your gender.
  • 10. Pick your favorites and set your preferences.
  • 11. You are now good to go, as you now have your favorite shows and movies on Hulu at no cost.

Please, be advised that some of these free Hulu accounts don’t work or could even contain malware.

A Fact About Free Account Generators

You will find a number of websites that claim to offer you free Hulu accounts as a reward for visiting their website and using their services.

Please bear in mind that all these claims are fake. They will only use your time to make a few bicks from you! You might be thinking, how its possible?

Let me explain it to you, when you visit a website that is a Hulu free accounts generator or claims to offer free accounts, they will ask you to complete a few surveys before giving you the account credentials.

When you complete these surveys, they will make anything between $2 to $5. Right after that you will be rewarded by the URLs that will take you into a loop of redirects or ads.

Usually these spammy URLs autimatically download some malicious content to your website and in the worst scenerio you will have to reinstall your operating system.

Same is the case with free Hulu account generators, so always try to stay away from these fake websites and keep your privacy safe.

4. Free Premium Hulu Plus Accounts Username & Password Collection 2019

Here I am listing some of the free Hulu accounts username & passwords for you, a few of them are tested by me and are working just fine. But you should utilize the above listed methods as they have proved to be more long term and reliable than these accounts.

  • [email protected] : Cama5372/
  • [email protected] : 01253333
  • [email protected] : lotuskoi711
  • [email protected] : 7342batt
  • [email protected] : reggie10
  • [email protected] : shootsmall11
  • [email protected] : tracey01
  • [email protected] : chon0730
  • [email protected] : ranas007
  • [email protected] : rebel1125
  • [email protected] : loyalty77
  • [email protected] : qwerty23698
  • [email protected] : netload225
  • [email protected] : seilwell2
  • [email protected] : ro2aflix

Check Out:Free Hulu Account & Password: 5 Working Methods [2019]

The Verdict

This is the most comprehensive guide till date to get free Hulu accounts without paying a dime. I have tried to keep it as much detailed as possible for your convenience.

Researching all these methods and writing them took many hours and I hope I have been able to add all the related methods, but if you know of any other method to get free Hulu accounts, please add it to the comments box and I will update the post.

Following any of the above methods will get you free access to one of the most amazing streaming platforms for your favorite TV shows past and present, sports, documentaries, movies, etc.

I am sure after following this guide you won’t need any other method for getting free hulu accounts but if you know any other working method, please contribute by adding it to the comments and I will update the post.

Do You Still Get Free Hulu With Spotify Premium

If you liked this short free Hulu accounts guide, please share it, as Sharing Is Caring :)

So tell me, which one of these methods was easy to use, that you will also recommend to the others?

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How Long Do You Get Free Hulu With Spotify

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