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Open the Spotify desktop app, then click the hamburger icon in the lower right-hand corner to open up your play queue. Once there, you can see what songs are going to play next, and more. Step 4: Control Spotify from the Notification Center. While listening to Spotify music, open your Notification Center to use the new widget. Along with being able to pause, skip, and adjust volume, you'll also be able to view album art. With Spotify closed, the widget will disappear, making room for any other widgets you may have.

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One of the oldest complaints of the Spotify service is that the the client doesn’t let you share your premium account or play music off multiple devices. It's time to change that. Coming next are a few workarounds that will finally let you have two songs on at once!

Use SoundHound to Play Playlists

Since Spotify ended their lyrics partnership with Musixmatch, they've been working to help third party apps detect when it is playing so they can display lyrics for users who still want it.

One such direct partnership is with SoundHound, a Shazam-like music detector that also displays Spotify song lyrics.

But there’s an interesting edge case here. If you have Spotify premium, SoundHound can play your playlists without affecting the Spotify app, so that you can have two devices playing at once.

Here's how.

Step 1. Download SoundHound for free on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Step 2. From the app, hit the Play button in the bottom right.


Step 3. Press the Connect with Spotify button.

Step 4. Create a SoundHound account and let SoundHound access your Spotify account.

Step 5. Once you’re done, you can choose a Spotify playlist you follow, hit Spotify as your preferred streaming service and let it go!

A playlist running on SoundHound won’t pause Spotify on other devices like normal, so you can have two speakers playing two different songs, but both without ads because they are both using the premium Spotify account.

It’s worth noting that you won’t have access to the full Spotify experience on SoundHound because you can't search for tracks or turn on the high quality audio.

If you want to listen to an individual song on SoundHound, you’ll need to go in to the Spotify client and add the song to new playlist before you can play it on SoundHound.

The SoundHound app is also currently only available for iOS and Android, so this trick won't work between pairs of computers or laptops.

Go Into Offline Mode

If you’re already a Spotify premium user, you should know that Spotify lets you download songs so you can play them offline. However, playing a song in Spotify’s offline mode won't prevent other devices from playing music off your account.

As long as you’re willing to be online on only one of your devices, you can have up to three others playing downloaded music at once.

Spotify On Pc

Step 1. Download the songs to your device. To do this, follow a playlist then hit Download.

Step 2. Turn your Spotify client to offline mode on all but one device. There’s Spotify help page to guide you through it on your device if you don’t know how.

Step 3. Play your music!

Keep in mind that you can only have a maximum of 3,333 songs downloaded across 3 devices, but you can always switch off the download toggle on a few playlists if you get close to the limit.

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Multiple Speakers

If you’re trying to play on multiple devices so you can have your songs in multiple rooms, you won’t need the tricks above.

Instead, you’ll want to take a look at Spotify Connect, which lets you play off your speakers using your phone, as well as Spotify’s official list of speakers. Using one of the Spotify speakers, you can link them all to the same audio source to get them all playing at once.

Multiple smart speakers, including Echo Dot and Google Home, can also be connected together.

There’s no need to invest in an entirely new account if you just want to spread the sound across your house!

Grab a Family Plan

Even if you don’t have too many devices, you might still find plenty of value in a Spotify family plan.

To combat device sharing, Spotify's family plans cost $18 a month instead of the regular $10 payment, but you’ll be able to create up to six individual premium accounts that can all be online, playing different songs, at once.

Playlists won’t be shared, but you can easily make them all follow the playlists of the main account if you are using the plan by yourself. If you don’t need six, you can share them with others.

It’s expensive, but is much better value than purchasing an entirely new account and you won’t have to worry about any of the above workarounds.

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Your Thoughts

Unfortunately, there's no perfect solution. SoundHound only supports playlists and phones, playing offline can be irritating and nobody wants to pay an extra $8 a month for a family plan.

How do you prefer to get around it? Let us know below.

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Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' is one of the most Shazamed songs of all time.

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After the Windows 10 upgrade or the updates like the Windows 10 Creators upgrade, many customers encounter the Spotify no longer running problem on their Windows computer or laptop which include Asus, Microsoft Surface, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, and so forth. Evidently, the application doesn’t want to load any song files, play no sound on the personal computer or won’t permit us to log in.

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  2. Update existing drivers and install missing ones after checking their compatibility
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Spotify Desktop App

Method 1:Clean Re-Install

One of the reasons for the Spotify not running problem can be corrupted Spotify files. We should do a complete reinstall of Spotify to check whether the problem is solved.

The steps are as follows: –

App To Control Another Pc

Step 1- On the keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously, then type in %appdata% followed by Enter.

Step 2. Right-click on the Spotify folder and select Delete hereby deleting the whole software from the computer.

Step 3. Go to Spotify website. Look for the latest compatible version and install it again.

Method 2: Update Missing Drivers

Another factor we ought to check out is whether or not we’ve got the appropriate drivers set up. We should verify that everyone our devices have the right driver, and update those who don’t.

In case we don’t have the time, persistence or computer knowledge to upgrade our drivers manually, we can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will identify your computer and locate the right drivers for it. We don’t need to know precisely what system our PC is working on, we don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and also, we don’t need to fear about committing a mistake while downloading and installing.

Step 1:Install Driver Easy

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Step 3- Once the analysis is complete, all the faulty drivers will have a flag beside them. Click the Update button beside each of these drivers to download and subsequently install the latest compatible drivers. We can also select Update All to upgrade all drivers to their latest versions.

Method 3: End Spotify Tasks using Too Much PC Memory

In some instances, our device will intervene with applications that use too much PC memory. We may close down certain applications and try to re-open Spotify. This is the easiest and the most frequently used method to deal with a Spotify app crash.

Step 1: Select Task Manager after clicking the taskbar at the bottom of the display screen

Step 2: A dialog box opens showing all the running applications. Right-click on Spotify and select End Task. Do the same for all the applications if that is preferred.

Step 3: Reopen Spotify to check whether the issue has been solved or not.


Spotify is a great application for people who love music and there have been minor instances where users have run into snags. This article has already depicted that these errors are very simple to rectify.

Nonetheless, a regular check on the updates and the regular practice of keeping the system and the drivers on the system upgraded and in pristine condition is advisable. This ensures the smooth running of not only Spotify but all the software programs installed on the computer.

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