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Spotify has made it easier for us to access any track and playlist through web browsers like Chrome, Safari, FireFox and more without installing any extra software. While it's bringing more convenience for us to enjoy the music online, the Spotify web player at the meantime throws us many expected problems too. We can find many reports about 'Spotify web player not working' issue in Spotify community like below:

  1. Connected Apps Web Player Stop Working Spotify Playlists
  2. Spotify Web Player App Chrome
  3. Connected Apps Web Player Stop Working Spotify Playlists

Spotify Web Player not working due to web browser issues. The Spotify Web Player sometimes fails. Using the Spotify Web Player gives you a smooth experience while listening to your favorite songs and playlists. The widgets or playlists provided online can work easily on the Web Player even without the desktop app. Playlist Links to Play on Spotify Web. Spotify Web Player is keen on giving you the best music experience you can ask for. Check the Internet connection. You can try to load other websites. If none of them open either, you. Windows Phone users will not be able to use Spotify on previously supported Windows Phones with full functionality. We’ll be winding down the app over a 3-month period, starting December 10th. During this time, functionality of the app will disappear – including the ability to search - and it will eventually stop working.'

'Spotify web player won't play anything in Chrome. When I click the Play button, nothing happens. Can anyone help?'
'I can't access Spotify through my web browser. It keeps saying 'protected content is not allowed' in Chrome settings. But it is. Any solution?'

If your Spotify web player also stopped working suddenly, you are suggested to try these solutions introduced below which will help you fix the error and make Spotify web player work smoothly again.

Part 1. How to Enable Spotify Web Player

What Is Spotify Online Web Player

Spotify web player is online streaming service that allows users to access the whole Spotify catalog and enjoy the same features offered by Spotify desktop app through web browsers, such as Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc. With Spotify web player, you can create playlists, save radio stations, albums and artists, search the tracks, and so forth.

Easy Guide to Enable Spotify Web Player

If it's your first time to use the Spotify web player, then you'll need to enable the service in your browser manually. Otherwise, you may receive the error message like 'Playback of protected content is not enabled' when you try to use the web player. Here we'll take Google Chrome as an example to show you how to enable it.

Step 1. Open Chrome on your device. Then visit: chrome://settings/content.

Step 2. Under Protected content, enable the option of 'Allow site to play protected content'.

Step 3. Go to to access Spotify web player. Then log into your Spotify account as required.

Now you should be able to browse and listen to any Spotify track and playlist via web player as expected.

Connected Apps Web Player Stop Working Spotify Playlists

Part 2. Spotify Web Player Can't Load Properly? Try These Fixes!

As mentioned above, you may still fail to load the Spotify even after enabling the web player. That could be caused by different reasons, though. Normally, it could be Internet connection error, wrong browser caches, browser incompatibility or others. If your Spotify web player doesn't work, simply try these proven ways to have it fixed.

Update Web Browser

Sometimes an outdated browser could prevent you from using Spotify online player. Since Spotify gets regular updates, it's necessary to update your web browser too. So if your Spotify web player stops working, the first thing you should do is check your browser and update it to the latest version.

Check Internet Connection & FireWall

If you can't connect to Spotify, you should check whether there's any problem regarding your Internet connection. To clarify, try to visit other websites from the browser. If failed, then you are suggested to restart the modem or wireless router and then refreshing Spotify.

But if Spotify web player is the only site you can't access, then it might be blocked by the firewall settings. In this case, simply disable firewall on your computer and see whether Spotify web player could work again.

Clean Up Browser Cookies

Connected Apps Web Player Stop Working Spotify

While you are browsing the Internet, the browser will automatically record your trace by generating cookies, so that you can easily access the same website when you visit it again. However, cookies cause problems too. If you find there's something wrong with Spotify when using the web player, you can also delete the browser cookies/caches for a try.

Spotify Web Player App Chrome

Use Another Web Browser

If unfortunately all the above tips don't work, the other suggestion you could try is switching to a different browser that's compatible with Spotify.

Part 3. Ultimate Solution to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

As it's difficult to identify what actually causes the loading error of Spotify web player, the problem might keeps existing and remains unsolved after trying all those suggestions. But don't worry. In fact, there is an ultimate way that can enable you play Spotify songs with any web player effortlessly.

You should know that Spotify uses DRM technology to protect the online streams. Therefore, only the paid users are able to download the songs offline. However, because of the DRM, those downloaded songs are not actually downloaded at all. In short, the songs are still saved in Spotify's server. That's why we can only listen to Spotify music through its desktop app or the web player. But what if we find a way to download those Spotify songs on local drive? Once done, we can then play the Spotify music with any other player on web.

That's true. The only tool you'll need is called TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader, which is able to extract and download Spotify songs/albums/playlists by converting the DRM-protected OGG Vorbis format to common MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and others. It works with both premium and free accounts of Spotify. That's to say, it lets you listen to Spotify offline even without premium.

Now just follow the complete guide below to see how to use this smart Spotify downloader to download and play Spotify songs on any media player and device.

Step 1Drag Spotify songs/playlists to TunesKit

Open TunesKit Spotify Music Converter. Then the Spotify app will be loaded simultaneously. After that, log into your Spotify account and drag any playlist or track from the Spotify store to TunesKit window for downloading.

Step 2Set output profile

Go to Preferences menu of TunesKit after loading the Spotify songs. Here you can select the output format, such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B. You can also change other parameters like audio codec, bit rate, etc. if you like.

Step 3Download Spotify music offline for any player

Now go back to the main interface of TunesKit, then click the Convert button to start extracting and downloading Spotify songs. Once the process is over, tap the 'history' icon to locate the downloaded tracks or playlists. Then you can freely share and play those offline songs on non-Spotify web player without problem.

Connected Apps Web Player Stop Working Spotify Playlists

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