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Spotify is a unique streaming service in its own right. In fact, it is not without anything that it has been popular with the music lovers globally. Are you looking to get Spotify Premium for free on your Android? The tutorial presented in this post should help you install and play Spotify on your Android without having to pay for the Premium features. Read on to know more about how to get Spotify Premium features for free.

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Simply connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable and then send or copy & paste the converted Spotify songs to your Android phone. Or use Free Mobile Phone Manager to import music to Android phone easily. Now you’ve got music downloaded from Spotify to your Android phone, you can listen to them offline with any media player whenever and wherever you like. Hey Guys, in this post We will tell you about how to get free Spotify premium APK Forever on Android phones without any ads and also support downloading to listen to offline music. As you know Spotify is an online music streaming service, this application makes it easy for us to find and listen to millions of songs from around the world.

Spotify Premium – What It Is?

Get Spotify Premium For Free


Can You Get Spotify For Free On Android Phone

Well, Spotify is a music streaming app that has grown popular. The global audience has been mesmerized by the excellent services and features that Spotify App offers. Moreover, in addition to providing you an option for listening to music from around the world, Spotify music it also lets you create your own music store and your own personalized playlists.

Spotify music app also lets you share your music and playlists with your friends. In fact, one of the best features that we would rate as the prime feature of the app is the ability to sync your music across multiple devices you may have.

You can get music on Spotify in two ways – Free and Premium. The Premium version offers you the extra features that you may not find on the free version. Some of the features available on Premium version would include the unlimited skips and extremely high-quality audio. Of course, you can play music on Spotify free version – however, the limitations would be quite evident while playing your music on your Android mobile device.

How To Install and play Spotify Premium For Free On Your Android?

Well, the Premium Spotify account comes with a monthly or annual subscriptions fees. However, if you do not want to pay for the unlimited features, we are here to help you play Spotify without the need for paying anything for the premium features.

In fact, the Spotify Premium version would help you to bypass the restrictions imposed by the free option. Just follow the steps mentioned here below to install Spotify for Android for free.

Step 1 – Uninstall Your Existing Spotify App

If you already have the Spotify Web Player installed on your device, uninstall it. Please note that the hacked version we have been providing here will not work if you have any previous installation of Spotify music installed on your device.

Can You Get Spotify For Free On Android

Step 2 -Download Hacked Version of Spotify Web Player

Since we are interested in downloading the Spotify Premium version without making any payment, it should be quite obvious that the app would not be available on Google Play Store or Spotify online. Therefore, we would hereby provide you the hacked version of the latest Spotify Premium APK.

Get the app from the following link –

Download Spotify App Premium (APK)

Please note that if you have not installed an APK file before on your Android device, you will need to enable the app installation through the third party sources. Follow the steps here below to enable the Unknown Sources on your Android.

  • Go to Settings app on your Android
  • Locate the Security tab under Settings
  • You should find the option for Unknown Sources under Security tab.
  • Toggle the option for Unknown Sources.

That should do it. You should now be able to install any third party app using the APK file.
However, you can skip the step if you have been installing the third-party apps using their APK files.

Now tap on the downloaded APK file for Spotify web player from the link above. Follow the instructions to install the app.
That does it. You have successfully installed the Spotify Premium app on your Android.

Wait… We are not done as yet!

Yes, there are a few more settings you need to go through before you can play Spotify on your Android. If you have been using the Spotify Free app before – you might have created a Spotify account already. But, please note that you will not be able to use the account on the hacked Spotify premium account. If you use your existing account, you may run the risk of getting your account deactivated. Also, note that if you have used the previous account with any moded Spotify Premium app before, avoid using it with this version of Spotify Premium app.

Opt for a VPN service that has a free tier. One of the best options you can opt for include Browsec VPN. The app is available for free on Google Play Store. After installing it, follow the steps here below-

      • Launch Browsec VPN you just installed.
      • Tap on Singapore any appropriate free location and connect to the server.
      • Start the VPN connection.
      • While keeping the VPN running in the background, launch Spotify Premium you installed in the previous steps.
      • Create a new account. Please avoid using the old Spotify account, lest you run the risk of losing the account and functionality.

That should complete the entire procedure of activating your Modded Spotify Premium account. If you get an update notification for the Spotify App, ignore it by tapping Remind me later option. Once the app begins streaming your music, you can turn off VPN and continue enjoying your Spotify experience.

How To Delete Spotify Account?

Well, we now have umpteen number of options for streaming music, Spotify may not be your prime choice. Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and Apple Music are a few great examples. So, if you think you have had enough of Spotify Music and want to delete your account, you may follow the steps here below-

      • Visit the Spotify Help Page.
      • Login with your credentials.
      • Click on Subscription
      • Select I want to close my Spotify account permanently.
      • Click on Close Account. Follow the on-screen instructions and confirm your intention to close your account.

How Do You Get Spotify Premium For Free On Android

That would complete the procedure. Your Spotify account will be instantly deleted.

Can You Get Spotify Free On Android

Please be aware of a few things before deleting your Spotify account. You will not be able to use the same username in future if you want to create a Spotify account again in the future. Moreover, all your playlists and saved music will be gone. You will also stand to lose your followers on Spotify. We would, in fact, suggest continuing with the free tier to play Spotify and cancel your subscription to Premium account.

Were We helpful To Share About Spotify Premium?

Well, that was all about how you can use Spotify Premium account features without having to pay anything. We assume we have been able to address all your queries in that perspective. However, if still you are in doubt or have any queries with respect to the modded version of Spotify Premium APK, do share your queries through the comments section here. We will be addressing your concerns and guide you to the appropriate resources. Enjoy and play Spotify for free till it lasts!

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