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Has your smart speaker become a beloved member of your family? From its spot on your kitchen counter, bedside table, or living room entertainment unit, these devices can provide hours of audio entertainment. Spotify Free users will be able to hear their favorite music on even more smart speakers, including from Amazon, Sonos, and Bose.

Go to the Spotify website; Tap on Get Spotify Free; Fill with your data; Email; Email confirmation; Password; Name of profile; Date of birth; Gender; Captcha; spotify. Once you have the Spotify account, you will have to enable Skill in your Alexa application, link both accounts and you can start listening. Link Spotify to Alexa. Open the Alexa app. Spotify for Alexa will be coming soon for the Amazon Fire TV range for mobile devices. Initially, in 2016, Spotify supported Amazon Echo only for premium subscribers and in select markets only. The Swedish streaming platform's free tier users also got access to Alexa-enabled devices in November 2019, but the same was limited to select markets. Amazon Echo Allow Spotify Free on Amazon Echo (Alexa) Submitted by gREENNNNN on ‎2018-06-18 10:01 PM Currently you can use Spotify Free on Amazon Fire stick or Google Home but on Amazon Echo you are able to only use it with Premium. Plan: Family / Free/Premium: Premium / Country: UK / Device: Amazon (Alexa) Echo Dot My Question or Issue: I have a family account that my wife and my 9 year old daughter use, as well as myself. My daughter has an echo dot in her bedroom and spotfiy is connected to that. The problem is that it seems.

That’s right—free users in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. will, for the first time, be able to ask Alexa to play Today’s Top Hits, their Discover Weekly, or a custom-made playlist on their Amazon Echo or Fire TV. Not sure how to link your Spotify account to your new Alexa, or set Spotify as your default music player? Learn how here.

Free users around the world can also set up Spotify Connect with their Sonos speakers directly from the Spotify app. Spotify Connect works with all Sonos speakers, including the new Sonos Move, a durable, battery-powered smart speaker for great sound indoors, outdoors, and on the go. You can also connect wirelessly with the SYMFONISKIKEA WiFi Speaker—fully integrated in the Sonos Home Sound System—to play music in any or every room for a rich, home-filling sound.

Spotify Free Users can now start streaming through their Bose smart speakers and soundbars as well. Through Spotify Connect, you can use Spotify on your smartphone or desktop as a remote to get the jams going.

Alexa Work With Spotify Free Trial

To play music using your Smart Speaker through Spotify Connect, first make sure that your Sonos or Bose system is updated to the latest firmware. Then open the Spotify app on your phone, laptop or tablet. Play any song, then select the “devices” icon. Finally, select the device you want to stream from and start listening. For more detailed instructions, visit our support page.

Alexa Work With Spotify Free

Alexa Work With Spotify Free Music

Incorporating Spotify into these devices is all part of our goal to create a truly frictionless experience for our users. Play from your phone, transition to your smart speaker, back to the phone, over to the car—with just a tap or the sound of your voice.

Head over to Spotify Everywhere to see more of the smart devices that allow free users to stream their favorite music, wherever, whenever.

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Update June 23, 2020: Starting today, Spotify Free users in the U.K., Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Mexico, will begin to be able to stream Spotify through Amazon Alexa. Both Spotify Free and Premium users in India will also be able to stream Spotify through Amazon Alexa for the first time.

You no longer need a Spotify Premium subscription to listen to your Spotify playlists on Alexa, Bose or Sonos speakers. Last week, Spotify announced that Free users could finally listen on Sonos speakers. Today, it's extending that capability to Alexa and Bose speakers, too.

For the first time, Free users in the US, Australia and New Zealand will be able to play Today's Top Hits, Discover Weekly or custom playlists on Amazon Echo and Fire TV devices. Or, Free users can stream through the Bose Home Speaker 300, Home Speaker 450, Home Speaker 500, Portable Home Speaker, Soundbar 500 or Soundbar 700. As announced last week, Free users can stream Spotify on all Sonos speakers, including Sonos Move, the SYMFONISK IKEA speaker and Sonos Home Sound System.

To start, you'll need to make sure your speaker is updated to the latest firmware. Then, in the Spotify app, select the device you want to stream to.

As we said previously, this could make Sonos, Alexa and Bose speakers more appealing to the millions of people who listen to Spotify Free -- and just in time for the holidays.

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