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Alarm clock for spotify free download - Alarm Clock, ClockRadio 5: Alarm Clock Radio in background with Apple Music and Spotify, Alarm, and many more programs.

  • Clock combines all of the functionality you need into one simple, beautiful package. Set alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch. Keep track of time around the world using the World Clock. Set a bedtime schedule, listen to sleep sounds, and see your calendar. Pair with Wear OS devices to bring your alarms and timers to your wrist.
  • The alarm message will appear and the preselected sound will be played at the set time. When setting the alarm, you can click the 'Test' button to preview the alert and check the sound volume. You can configure the alarm clock appearance (text color, type, and size), and these settings will be saved; they will be used when you open your web.
  • 1 How to Setup Spotify Songs your alarm
    • 1.5 The best features of awake music:

Waking up to your favorite songs will be better than waking up with systematic sounds, especially with Spotify Music. But when you extract your Android devices or iPhone devices to set Spotify alarm, you may have discovered that it is difficult to do so. Based on Spotify it has no function to set Spotify playlists as an alarm, it is difficult for you to choose music as an alarm. Happy, we discovered apps 2 for both iPhone users and Andriod users to set the song Spotify as an alarm. No matter whether you are the free user of Spotify or the premium user of Spotify, you will find the best one on this post. Read and discover the one completely compatible with your phone.

For Android: the SpotOn alarm wakes you up with the Spotify alarm

SpotOn Alarm is a unique timer for Spotify users because it provides the functions 2 for Spotify. The first is to set the wake-up alarm, and the other is to set the sleep timer to sleep with Spotify music playback. There are many features for Spotify users that make SpotOn Alarm the main choice.

The best features of SpotOn

  • The main interface is as beautiful and concise as the original alarm clock.
  • This is a two-in-one app for Spotify Android users, since you can use the 2 services that Spotify does not provide, one is the sleep timer and the other is the alarm.
  • Free to use for Spotify Free users and also for Spotify Premium users.
  • It will wake you up with the random play mode.

Set an alarm on Android devices

Step 1. Download SpotOn on your Android device.

Click on the link on the right side to download SpotOn Alarm on your Android. Waiting for just a few minutes, you can download SpotOn and install it on your Android devices.

Step 2. Start the SpotOn apps and press the Reactivate button.

When you have installed the SpotOn apps on your Android devices, press the logo to run the app. There are 2 buttons that you can choose. Right now, hit the “Wake” tab and the timer.

Step 3. Set the alarm you want to activate.

In the new screen, touch the digital clock and then press the setting ball to select the exact alarm time.

Step 4. Tap to select the music to complete the entire alarm settings.

After setting the alarm time, tap the green “TAP TO SELECT MUSIC” , and then it will bring up the Spotify playlist so you can choose an alarm. On the next screen, select the playlists, then tap the top right button on Save.

And then, you can press the alarm button and enjoy the sleep and the music you’ve set to wake up.

Congratulations! Now, you can set the alarm correctly on Spotify on your Android devices. But what about iOS users? Because they can’t add Spotify, it’s hard for them to set Spotify Songs alarm on an iOS device. Now let’s move on to the next part.


For iOS: Music Alarm Clock comes to your friend Spotify Alarm

Music alarm clock is specifically designed for iOS users to set Spotify as an alarm. Furthermore, you can access the free or premium Spotify account to set Spotify tracks as an alarm. But this alarm must access the Spotify account and authorized your Spotify account.

The best features of awake music:

  • Easy to use with simple and intuitive main interface.
  • Regardless of whether you’re free Spotify or Spotify premium, you can download Music Alarm Clock to load music from Spotify and then enjoy Spotify music when you wake up.


It is not free but with a considerable price app.

Let’s see how to easily set Spotify as an alarm.

Step 1. Download and install Music Alarm Clock on your iOS devices.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free And Timer Setting To Spotify Playlists

Step 2. When it is downloaded correctly, the apps to run the apps are released. Then you will see the main interface and then touch the “+” button.

Step 3. Set the alarm time and select the music you want to wake up.

Step 4. Log in with your Spotify account. On the new page, enter your Spotify account and password to access your Spotify account. Once logged in, you can choose playlists and the track.

Step 5. Select a Spotify song as an alarm. All set, touch the “Save” in the final step.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free And Timer Setting To Spotify Username

Now, it’s your turn to set an alarm from your favorite Spotify songs. Enjoy every day with the incredible music of Spotify that wakes you up.

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